Nazri: Sex tape was not shown in Parliament

Minister Nazri Aziz has denied an online report that MPs were seen watching a sex video.

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid, Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz shot down a news report that the sex tape involving an opposition leader was screened in the Parliament lounge yesterday.

Nazri, who is with the Prime Minister’s Department, said the report was inaccurate and that the incident did not take place.

“I think that was misreported. People were trying to get to the video but that was misreporting, it never happened.

“It didn’t happen. It’s not true reporting. I consider that misreporting, they were searching for it but nobody saw it. They were looking for it (on the net) but until 9.30pm no one found it,” he said with a laugh.

An online news portal had reported that Barisan Nasional MPs were watching the video at the lounge, on a laptop, yesterday. The viewing of pornography in Parliament can be considered as a serious offence.

The video expose supposedly showed a man resembling opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a Chinese woman.

A certain ‘Datuk T’ had earlier yesterday organised a secretive private screening of the video for the media.

‘Scurrilous attack’

Anwar, in a hastily called press conference yesterday evening, blasted the expose as a “scurrilous attack” against him and accused the ruling coalition BN as the fiasco’s architect.