‘Animal sex buff’ MP lone believer of sex video?

(Harakah Daily) – KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 22: While even top UMNO leaders refuse to explicitly accuse Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim of committing illicit sex in the wake of a pornographic video shown to several journalists, it appears that PKR’s former member Zulkifli Noordin is the only one who believed that Anwar was the man in the video.

A PARLIAMENTARIAN’S TASTE … Zulkifli’s blog page

Hours after telling reporters that he was “110% sure” that Anwar was the individual in the video, however, the member of parliament posted on his blog that the whole episode could have been “staged” by Anwar’s supporters to shift attention away from the ongoing sodomy trial.

“I know people will claim the video is fabricated, but I am sure that (the person in it) is him,” said Zulkifli, urging Anwar to “repent”.

The skullcap wearing Zulkifli, who left PKR last year citing his “love for Islam”, even stunned visitors to his blog by posting images of animal sex, accompanied by a lengthy explanation of his conspiracy theory warning that the video could have been faked by Anwar’s supporters.

One Harakahdaily reader who alerted to the page questioned whether the Kulim Bandar-Baharu parliamentarian had “only exposed his interest in bestiality”. A quick check showed that a similar image showing a group of goats making out had also accompanied his earlier postings on totally unrelated subjects such as the controversy over the novel Interlok. Another image of a monkey adorns an explicitly-worded posting about the sodomy charges against Anwar.

Yesterday, a special preview was arranged by one ‘Datuk T’ for select group of journalists to watch the video, hoping to finally show proof to back decade-old accusation by supporters of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Anwar was a sex addict. The heavily guarded man wanted Anwar and wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to quit politics within a week.

Anwar had since issued a strong denial, saying his alibi would prove he was not the person in the clip. Several reporters who watched the clip had earlier said that although the black-and-white facial image of the person resembled Anwar, their physiques were clearly different.

‘Be wary of slander: PAS’

Claims of sex videos involving Anwar are not new, having first surfaced following his sacking and arrest in 1998. Then, key police officers and several UMNO leaders had claimed to have watched  a video clip proving Anwar’s illicit affairs.

Days after being stripped of the number two position in government, Anwar in several speeches at his house had revealed how Mahathir had pressured him to resign or risked being levelled with sodomy allegations. Anwar’s insistence to stay put later led to his sacking, arrest and a long court battle against sodomy charges.

The latest video comes in the wake of Mahathir’s claim in his recently-published book that Anwar had sex trysts with four women, an allegation immediately rubbished by Anwar.

Meanwhile, PAS has warned that the act of qazaf (accusing someone of adultery) should be immediately stopped.