‘More informed Sarawakians have only one choice’

(HarakahDaily) – Saying the upcoming Sarawak state election was expected to spring some surprises, PAS central committee member Husam Musa (pic) said Sarawakians now have access to information unlike in the past.
“The people of Sarawak are now getting information which did not reach them in the past. Now they know that Sarawak’s wealth is monopolised by certain quarters while at the same time the plight of people remains the same.

“The facilities and infrastructure in rural areas are very disappointing,” said Husam.

Husam said the only way to initiate change was to vote Pakatan Rakyat (PR) component parties or SNAP.

He said a signal from the Sarawakian could help further push the federal government to pay the 20 percent oil royalty payment to the state, and ensure wealth is fairly divided.

Husam also took a swipe at the huge wealth accumulated by chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud (left) at a time when a big section of Sarawakian people live in poverty.

“The poor are extremely poor but at the same time, their chief minister is known to amass huge wealth which he has not denied.

“Besides, we read that in his son’s divorce settlement, a few hundred millions of heritance was claimed.