Make a Stand…Interlok or Al-Kitab?

By Damian Denis

Funny how our BN government is having a tough time to release un-conditionally all Malay Bibles but finds it easy to introduce a racist text book (Interlok) to our school children in no time.

And this is coming from a government who has rule this county for the past 53+ years. And I guess this particular government gets more and more stupid by the day we keep them in power. Well, who is to be blame?

Interlok which has all the ingredients to make this country a boiling pot of Asia has been made a text book for all Form 5 students. Now, what sort of message is BN sending to our youngsters?

Well, for a start it means that all Indians and Chinese are still pendatangs and that’s how the next generation of these 2 ethnic groups are to be remembered forever by all.

Secondly, it is perfectly all right to ridicule the “pendatangs” with whatever means possible; cultural or religious. This includes words like pariah, ‘anjing orang putih’, Chinese sell daughters etc etc etc.

Thirdly, we don’t count anymore in this country. Our voices and grievances on this issue seems to be falling on deaf ears. I guess we are not wanted and this is something this racist and bigot government wants to instill into the minds of our students.

Well, to the Umnoputras out there let me put this as straight as I can “We are not leaving this country!”

This is our country as much as yours. It is UMNO who will be leaving starting from Putrajaya. So, if you think you can get rid of the other ethnic groups easily  think again.

Today we are seeing the extension of Interlok ridicule on the Christian population. Yeap, it is not in the text book but look where is our country heading to?

The 5100 pcs of Malay Bibles or Al-Kitab which was locked up in some godown port in Sarawak is treated like some contraband item. What are the Umnoputras afraid off?

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