Racial Harmony BULLSHIT!!

By John Doe
Look at your parents. Are they of the same race? Look at your wife, your girlfriend, are they of the same race as you are? Look at the Christians. They frown at those who marry spouses of different “faiths”. And in some churches, if not most, prohibit weddings, if both spouses-to-be are not Christians. Muslims take it one step further, and make it illegal unless the other party “converts”. Sure there are some which fall through the cracks.

But ask yourself, how many parents have vehemently objected to boyfriends and girlfriends of a different race or religion? Sure, quote me that one obscure example. But look at your partner, and see how often the “significant other” is of the same religion, or, of same race.
Actions speak louder than words. Look at phrases like “Half-Breed”, “Pariah”, or “Chap-Cheng”. All those tags mean the same thing. And they speak volumes about how racist Malaysians really are. Little do people realize, (or choose to ignore), that “thorough-bred anything” is all about in-breeding (think in terms of Race-Horses, or prized dogs to simplify thought).
The Austronesoids (Constitutional Malays) on the other hand, are the living proof of 2 major groups, namely, the Dravidoids and the Mongoloids, who, 6,500 years ago, decided to cross those racial boundaries and get married. At that point in time, there were no organized religions. Most were either animists, or worshipped Female Gods. The only exception perhaps being the Iranians who had started Hinduism in Iran. This is well before they migrated to the Mohenjodaro and Harappa, of the Indus Valley, present day Pakistan.
Since then, all has gone downhill. Racial groups have decided stick to themselves, Religious groups have secluded their own, and racism began. New Cults sprung everywhere, and if enough people followed that cult, they were relabeled as a Religion. And with that, came the infamous “My God is better than your God” bullshit. Wars have been fought for that very reason. And even worse ones came from within, when each sect felt that they had some superiority over “the other” sects.
So, before you start screaming racism, look at your parents, look at your significant other, and then decide. Coz you might be more “guilty” than you would care to admit.