Good? Bad? Who Knows?

If Pek Moh does not get his 2/3 majority in the Sarawak state assembly it should hasten his retirement.

By Educationist

The Sarawak state elections has been called.

It is good for those of us who have got disgusted with the inaction of the authorities in the face of all the exposes on the corrupt rule of Pek  Moh and his cronies. It gives hope that what is not acted upon by the authorities shall be judged in the arena of public opinion. If Pek Moh does not get his 2/3 majority in the Sarawak state assembly it should hasten his retirement.

Good? For those of us who have been disheartened by the turbulent and stormy seas surrounding the PR coalition, this state elections bring hope that it shall breathe some hope that PR will be able to put up a creditable performance come GE13. Granted all the exposes on the excesses of Pek Moh, his family members and cronies there ought to be a backlash of public opinion against his 30 years misrule.

The impounded bibles issue and the Allah controversy should open up the eyes of the Sarawakian Christians in particular and all non-Muslims in general that the UMNOputras do not practise what they preach!! Freedom to practise our religion is only in name, the UMNOPutras are using every rule in the book to force their values and morals on the non-Muslims.

Bad? With immense resources, both governmental and private, it will be another buy-election but on a state-wide level. The opposition shall not be able to match the candies and carrots dished out by the UMNOputras. Make no mistake about it, Pek Moh and his cronies are UMNOputras through and through!! So, will the disadvantaged and development deprived rakyat again bite the bait and return Pek Moh and his cronies with a 2/3 majority in the state assembly? This will then demoralise the opposition even further.

Who knows? The Lord works in mysterious ways. Perhaps a bashing at the Sarawak state elections will bring Anwar to his senses. RPK has alluded many times to his misguided handling of the politics of Sabah and Sarawak, trying to impose leaders not accepted at the local level there. With GE13 looming and the acknowledged importance of the Sabah and Sarawak parliamentary seats if the PR can harbour any realistic hope of evicting the UMNOputras from Putrajaya, perhaps, just perhaps Anwar shall then put the PKR act together in East Malaysia.

A slight detour but I draw inspiration from the UN sanctioned actions to protect civilians rebelling against Gaddafi rule in Libya. It shows that the international community will not stand idly by when a dictator uses his control of the military might of its country to mow down opposition to its rule. I am sure this is reassuring to many rakyat who have reservations about booting the UMNOputras from Putrajaya because they control the security forces. The UMNOputras have shown themselves as having no inhibitions to use force on unarmed protestors!! This action by the UN should make any UMNOputra harbouring the thought of releasing the security forces to boost the regime should it lose political power to have second thoughts!! Who knows?