PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak

KTemoc Konsiders

The Sarawak State Assembly has 71 representatives, and thus 71 state seats to be contested during a state election. In its 2006 state election, DAP, PKR, PAS and SNAP contested and respectively won the following number of seats:

DAP contested 12, won 6
PKR contested 25, won 1
SNAP contested 28, won 1
PAS contested 1, did not win any.

In the pending state election, PKR, without so much as a nod from its Pakatan allies, made a preemptive strike by unilaterally declaring it will contest 52 seats out of the 71 available. I’m surprised by its most generous nature that it didn’t say it’ll contest all 71 wakakaka.

But then that’s the same old PKR in 2007 when it tried the same old dirty trick of attempting to cheat DAP by presenting the latter with (hopeful) fait accompli through its unilateral media releases even before the Pakatan 2008 seat allocation exercise was completed. It made the same (as the Sarawak) preemptive ambit claim for several seats traditionally contested (and even some already won) by DAP.

Anwar Ibrahim had originally agreed to some seats as DAP’s traditional domain, but (I suspect, under the influence of a certain someone) reneged on his agreement when PKR through its sickening unilateral media releases staked claims on DAP’s seats the latter had planned to contest (with Anwar’s full knowledge), albeit temporarily before he came to his senses and got his party to back off from claiming, for example, Kula’s seat in Ipoh Timor (or was it Barat?).

In this recent outrageous, preemptive, selfish, arrogant and unrealistic claim (through its usual unilateral media release) for 52 seats in Sarawak, leaving only 19 to be shared between DAP, PAS and SNAP, it either believes it is the ‘boss’ of Pakatan and the world revolves around it, or hopes to win 2 seats by doubling its 2006 efforts (25 got 1, maybe 52 will get 2?)

It even has the unmitigated arrogance to talk down on SNAP, stating it can only have 3 seats to contest (implying DAP and PAS have to share 16 seats). Who the F* did it think it was?

Sometimes PKR leaders have forgotten who has done well in the last State election, and what will be its likely chances in the land of Ibans-Dayaks?

What is far more annoying than its unrealistic greed and selfishness has been its overbearing arrogant presumption it can dictate terms to the others, DAP, PAS and especially SNAP. And the anwaristas naturally see no wrong in their leader’s pseudo-imperious high-handedness, even chiding SNAP for not being (that UMNO word) ‘grateful’ and accepting the crumbs cast down by Azmin Ali the Great.

I do not see much future for Pakatan’s likelihood of winning in the next general election with such an insolent overbearing group of PKR leaders like Azmin Ali. It’s little wonder that Gobala and Zaid left, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised when dissatisfied Chegubard, Mustaffa Kamal, Jonson Chong and various others, who are all fedup with the blue-eyed lil’ Napoleon and his coterie, follow soon.