Malaysians urged to learn from Japanese people

(HarakahDaily) – KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 18: The Japanese people’s resilience, ethics and discipline in facing adversity following the massive earthquake-tsunami as well as the nuclear crisis should be emulated by Malaysians.

PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub said similarly, the Muslim majority in Malaysia should also live by examples so that they would be respected by the other communities.

“We must learn from the Japan people in facing critical situation. How they have kept to their discipline and manners in facing adversity without causing chaos,” said Salahuddin, referring to the much-talked discipline shown by the Japanese society.

“Look at how the Japanese behave themselves by queuing patiently for aid and helping each other at the relief centres  in the face of disaster.
“We Malaysians, majority of who are Muslims living in a plural society, should set an example to other countries on how to govern not only in the field of economics but also in terms of ethics in facing any situation,” he said.
On the dangers posed by nuclear reactors, Salahuddin said the issue must be tackled with caution, saying nuclear energy has benefits which if abused, could be disastrous.