Taib’s Balingian is the Epicentre of his Land Grab Corruption – Exclusive Expose !

By Sarawak Report

Taib Mahmud promised development, but has delivered disaster in his own constituency of Balingian.  Scores of  communities are at this moment reeling from the shock of the present wave of ‘development devastation’ in areas that were in many cases Reserve Forest lands.

Now, shockingly, our research into the companies behind the destruction shows that in every case the profits can be traced directly back to Taib, his immediate family or to key business cronies and nominees (people known to act as his regular proxy).

These pictures, taken during a tour of investigation just last week, resemble the aftermath of a tsunami – but it has been a tsunami of greed unleashed by one old man and his small army of cronies upon the people in his own backyard.  His own voters! 

Everything for me – nothing for you         


This was his land – he got nothing for it!

Taib has masked his land grabs by pretending he is benefiting the people through ‘progress’ and ‘modernisation’.  He lectures them to ‘be patient’, while at the same time he impatiently tears out anything of worth from the lands where they have lived for generations.   

 These individuals have been offered a pitiful RM 250 ringgit per acre for their communities’ Native Customary Rights Lands – the rest of the people have received nothing for the loss of their traditional territories and livelihoods!  One 80 year old Iban has testified to his family having lived five generations on his land, clearing the trees and growing up fruit orchards, these were all swept away without compensation.  In one case the plantation company was narrowly prevented from bulldozing a longhouse into the ground.

On the spot researchers have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the only people who have been receiving compensation for the lands taken are the state-appointed headmen, who are now paid not to represent their longhouse folk, but to keep them compliant.