Is Santa Claus Involved in the Conspiracy Against Anwar?

By Pieter D’cruz

PKR’s decision to launch the nationwide roadshow labeled “Datuk Najib Altantuya (DNA)” is ridiculous, almost farcical. Tit-for-Tat as reported by the news portal, Malaysian Insider. It is so infantile.

PKR has sunk to UMNO’s level. When UMNO set-up Umi Hafilda’s ceramah across the road from where Anwar was speaking during the recent by-election in Kerdau, I was amused. When PKR announced the DNA roadshow, I was rolling on the ground laughing. It is so UMNO.
What happened to the promise “we will not only be doing things better, we will be doing things differently”?. It sounds so hollow now.
The stark truth is that Anwar is under pressure to submit his DNA to prove his innocence. To divert attention from Anwar’s quandary, PKR decides to resurrect the Altantuya murder case to hit back at Najib Razak. It is like flogging a dead horse.
Why the submission of the DNA is a contentious issue is beyond me. If I were charged with a sex crime and there was DNA evidence to prove my innocence, I would be kicking and screaming to give my DNA for testing.
Even if his DNA matches the DNA of male Y found on Saiful, Anwar still has room to manoeuvre. He could claim that his semen was carried by a white stork, smeared on Saiful by the tooth-fairy, egged by Santa Claus. I bet the defence would call the tooth-fairy and Santa Claus as witnesses.
To implicate Najib with the Altantuya murder case is absurd. His only link is that one of the suspects was a personal friend. That suspect was later acquitted by the court. The connection is so remote. It is akin to saying that since I am renting a house owned by Effendi Norwawi, I am also partying with Maya Karin.
In Anwar’s sodomy case, the scenario and circumstances are wholly different. He was named by the complainant and he was proven to be at the place where the crime was committed during material time. The DNA, of course, is the smoking gun.
Notwithstanding all I have said above, I would still love to attend the DNA roadshow. It has been a long time since the last circus came to town.