More Anger in Miri Against George Chan!

By Sarawak Report

Hot on the heels of today’s scenes in Miri where George Chan was booed and heckled by onlookers at the wet market and later at a coffee shop, we have been given a flavour of why his consituents can’t stand the man!

An angry reader from the Deputy Chief Minister’s home town has sent Sarawak Report pictures of Chan’s car and also the car of Miri’s BN Mayor, Lawrence Lai Yew Son, parked on yellow lines without any danger of a ticket he says!

The reader, who got a ticket himself in exactly the same spot, says he has seen both cars using the same position on a regular basis, which is how he got the photos so easily.

The rest of us can only sympathise.  Surely there is nothing more annoying than a law that the rest of us have to obey, but that those who made it flagrantly ignore?  Parking in central areas is frustrating enough without getting a ticket and then seeing your leaders and representatives getting away scot free!

I make the laws, but it is for you to obey them not me!

Our reader laid out his fury in plain terms in his letter to us.  He said that he had got a ticket earlier for parking in exactly the same spot in Jalan Ngo King Hi 339-353 at the Pelita commercial centre at Survey Supermarket. Yet he photographed the Mayor and George Chan’s car parked in the same place on the same day and they received no tickets!

” I got a ticket from the city council before but not the “leader”. I even went to the council office to complain but no action was taken”

fumes our reader who also sent us a picture of the Mayor’s car, parked he says just next to the parking attendant’s tent!