Rosmah’s ‘seismic remark’ leaves trail of sarcasm

(HarakahDaily) – KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 14: For centuries, seismologists and geologists have not been able to predict natural calamities such as earthquakes and tsunamis, nor have such disasters ever been blamed on modern-day environmental hazards.

Such shortcomings of science look set to be confined to the dustbins of history if one were to agree with a remark by the prime minister’s wife that the twin disaster was a lesson to others on the need to plan development and adapt green technology.

Rosmah Mansor (right) said this when asked to comment on Japan’s quake-tsunami disaster.
“To me, this is a lesson to other countries, that in everything they do or in whatever development they plan, they should study the surrounding environment and connect it with climate change and green technology,” she told private news channel Astro Awani.
A video clip of Rosmah airing her view instantly became a hit among internet users, circulating in sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and being met with sarcastic comments from viewers.
“FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), How does climate change cause earthquakes and tsunamis? How does green tech prevent such natural disasters?” wrote one.
“I would love to see a reality show with Rosmah and [US Republican politician] Sarah Palin. Let’s call it ‘Sarah & Rosie – BFF: Brainless Friends Forever’,” joked another.

Govt urged to drop nuclear project
On a more serious note however, Rosmah’s call for all it’s worth comes in the wake of growing criticism against the government’s plan build two nuclear power plants, amid fears of a nuclear catastrophe triggered by blasts at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant.
Energy, Green Technology and Water minister Peter Chin had earlier tried to quell the concerns by saying that the government would not build the plant without informing the public.