Kok Takes Najib To Task For Excessive Spending On “Salam 1Malaysia”

(Malaysian Mirror) – KUALA LUMPUR – DAP’s Teresa Kok is demanding Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to explain the sum of RM63,000 paid for the “Salam 1Malaysia” sent to 1.25 million Malaysians at the cost of 5 sen per email address.

“I am stunned to learn that Prime Minister Najib Razak wasted RM63,000 of taxpayers’ money to spam 1.25 million Malaysians with one same “Salam 1Malaysia” email at the jaw dropping cost of 5 sen per email address.” Kok said in a statement issued yesterday.

“In the Prime Minister’s Office written reply to MP for Batu Gajah yesterday, ‘Ucapan peribadi YAB Perdana Menteri telah dihantar kepada sejuta dua ratus lima (1,255,528) penerima rakyat Malaysia… Kos yang dikenakan adalah berjumlah Ringgit Malaysia Lima sen (RM0.05) setiap satu email.'” she continued.

“For all his purported use of Twitter and Facebook, Najib is neither IT-savvy nor cost-savvy. If he was, he would have recognised the insanity of paying the exorbitant price of 5 sen per email when the cost of sending email is negligible. ” she continued.