Advertisement for Malaysian Talent

By John Doe

Malaysians wishing to avoid flying pig-heads or Ketuanan should consider the following locations in Southeast Asia:

Nice, Safe & Clean Country to live in. Incumbents are required to have a Skill & Certification which can support the growing number of in-coming expansion programs which have supported the massive 14% growth in Singapore’s leading GDP in Southeast Asia. Crime rates are extremely low, and salaries are 2.3 times whatever one is earning in Malaysia. Top executives can expect basic salaries like S$40,000 per month (RM92,000) with relevant expertise. 4-6weeks salaried-holidays, and many other perks are the norm. Search via the many online Headhunters or Employment Agencies available.
On the low end of the scale, Security Guards are paid S$1,600 per month (RM3,800) for Form Five education minimum requirements. In-coming foreign workers are NOT required to serve in National Service at all. This is Singapore’s way of welcoming good Foreign Talent.
40% of your fellow Malaysians have already started to enjoy this better life here. Do send us your children, and they will also enjoy the Top-Class Education which is open to all. No quotas. Just good results will guarantee your place with many scholarship options available.
Being a Regional Hub in Southeast Asia has allowed Thailand to be an exceptional choice among expats. The country is warm and smiles abound the moment you touch down in Suvarnabhumi Airport. The various Ministries are more than eager to assist you in adjusting to the local scene. A good majority of Thai’s can speak English, and Thailand boasts the highest number of EXPAT English Teachers in the Region.  What better way, than to learn from Native speakers.
Bangkok has a population of 22million. This far surpasses the entire population of the Peninsular. Thailand has a population of 80million, which is a great opportunity for your business expansions. The Thais are genuine, humble, and extremely friendly. Don’t be surprised if you are approached by locals ONLY wanting to speak with you, and not want your money (with the exception of Touristy places) at all.
The Red T-shirts and the Yellow T-shirts are an unfortunate distraction. Once they go home, do not be surprised that many of those wearing “opposing colors” are actually from the same family, and I’ve had the joy to sit and share many meals with BOTH colored T-shirt joking and laughing together.
Thailand is NOT called the Land of Smiles for nothing.
Jakarta is about the same size as Bangkok. With Jalan Sudirman being the “Orchard Road” equivalent, it boasts many many foreign Large Investment Companies. The Indonesians are also another friendly group, and I’ve also shared meals with many Christians, Hindus, and Muslims sitting at the same table and sharing regular meals together. No one will throw away your eating utensils despite having just consumed “non-Kosher Food”. While we cannot say the same for the more racist Sumatrans (especially in the Pariaman region), the Javanese tend to be more open and friendly to foreigners. Avoid Minang Food (Nasi Padang) if you don’t want to get cheated of your money. They price food whatever they like, and it will always be more expensive for you.
Bali is another excellent opportunity. They see a few million tourists a year, and the Balinese are by far, the most gentle and peace-loving Indonesians abound. They are mostly Hindu, and have a large Christian Community as well. Delinquents are not welcome here. Top choice if you are in a travel-related industry.
Although technically a Communist country, the people of Saigon are extremely famous for being hardworking. They hold on to such values, and are a joy to work with. Unlike their Hanoi counterparts, the Southerners can be depended on, and will not even rig their Taxi-Meters, unlike Malaya. This country has been ravaged by War. And the people are now beginning to realize what a difference Capitalism makes to their country. The high-respect given to foreigners is simply amazing !!
With a Population of circa 84million, Vietnam provides an excellent location to market your products. Slightly biased towards essential goods rather than “Glamour Goods”, the Vietnamese are quick to recognize a bargain when they see one. Officials are moderately corrupt, and yet, nothing compares to the Corruptoids in UMNO.
Unlike China, no one here in Vietnam ships containers full of bricks to you, instead of the goods which you ordered and have paid for. I must stress that the scenario changes dramatically up in the North, among the Hanoi areas. Even so, when dealing in the South, make sure that the ones you deal with are NOT from Hanoi. You have been warned…
Working in Brunei will bring you the same buying power as in Singapore. Their currency is pegged to the Singapore Dollar. Which means ONE Brunei Ringgit= S$1. This also means that you will immediately earn as much in Singapore, as you would in Brunei. For the tight-wad, there’s good news for you. There is so little shopping here in Brunei, that you are almost forced to save money! Shops generally shut as soon as the sky turns dark, and the two malls are a joke.
Bandar Seri Begawan is very small. The City Centre is smaller than Rawang, and the tallest building is a mere 10 stories high. There are two such buildings to look at. The center of town is dominated by a Stadium, and that occupies 40% of BSB’s central business district. 
Unless you’re the Sultan (who gets to import his own Harem Girls), Prostitution is difficult to find in Brunei. If that is your cup of tea, you will need to head to either Miri or Labuan in Malaysia to get your kicks in ANY Vice activities. BTW, there is a limit on the amount of alcohol you can bring into Brunei. Final word of warning, if you decide that you MUST piss-off the Sultan, you will be given 24hours to leave the country.
On the bright side, one does NOT need to pay taxes in Brunei, and there are simply NO TAXI’s other than the ones at the airport, which charge you an exhorbitant BND25 (RM60) just to get to the centre of town. The trip is 4km. Motorcycles are also non-existent (Kap Chai Class), and Petrol is only BND0.40 per litre (RM0.90)
Laos, Philippines, Cambodia & Burma:
Forget it.
Happy Job Hunting !!!