Umno ‘overdoing’ persecution of Anwar

Najib may well be reminded of a Turkish saying – Zulum ilea bad olan berbat olur – the one who persecutes will disappear.

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz, Free Malaysia Today

The issue of (PKR de facto leader) Anwar Ibrahim has overtaken a much needed sober appreciation of what’s going in in this country.

This country isn’t about Anwar anymore. The Anwar issue is before the courts.

I think Umno should contain itself and not be seen as crusading the persecution and prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim. The matter will be decided by the courts.

What can be got out of parading the ‘virtuous virgin’ Ummi Hafilda around and the jambu-looking Rahimi to discredit Anwar?

People are saying that Ummi Hafilda has run out of money – that’s why she is making herself available.

As for Rahimi- what can this ‘young ciku’ offer to further enlighten us on covert links with America, CIA or World Jewry?

All this is for show (by Umno)  –  but Anwar’s fate will be decided in the courts.

A few weeks ago, sitting with the Oracle of Syed Putera I asked him what Tun Daim’s (Zainuddin) take was on Anwar.

He said Tun Daim sees the persecution of Anwar as a cause of concern.

“This is strictly a matter before the courts. If Umno is seen as crusading the prosecution of Anwar, then there will be inference that the judiciary is under Umno’s thumb. That’s the danger.

“This time around, the legal loop is tightening around Anwar’s neck. The law will take its natural cause. Otherwise the stories spun around what has been revealed in the court are sufficient to discredit Anwar forever.

“The man is fast becoming a spent force. Just look at him physically,” he said.

Win not a true test

At the same session I asked the Oracle about Tun Daim’s views on the Kerdau and Merlimau by-elections.

Said the Oracle: “We will no doubt win in Kerdau and Merlimau, but the wins will not be the true test of a resurgent Umno.

“Those two seats are Umno seats anyway. The danger will be if the opposition got more votes than their previous outings.”

I then asked what about Barisan Nasional’s wins with an enlarged majority?

The Oracle said: “That’s not to be unexpected, with all the resources and power brought to bear on by elections by the government.

“So the winis not the true test.”

Are the people ready, I asked?

“For all you know, they are readying to unseat this government,” said the Oracle.

Deserving accolades

I moved on and touched on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s visit to Turkey where he met his counterpart.

In light of what Umno is doing on the political scene, I am of the opinion that Najib may well be reminded of a Turkish saying – Zulum ilea bad olan berbat olur –  the one who persecutes will disappear.

I asked the Oracle what was the purpose of the Turkey visit?

“It’s as what Wisma Putra said – to strengthen bilateral relations. Also the PM is accompanying the missus (Rosmah Mansor) who was honoured with some award.

“The PM’s wife is a sharp and intelligent lady. She deserves the accolade. I hear his entourage was a big one including the Defence Minister.

“Some issues about the purchase of military hardware were discussed and ironed out.

“We have Turkish technology in the making of our tanks here in Malaysia.

“If I am not mistaken, the Adnan Tank built by DEFtec in Pekan uses predominantly Turkish technology and expertise.

“The minister in charge of our defence was on hand to probably take on the issue of technical glitches in the tank construction.”

RM8 bil gone awry

In the initial years, it was a common sight to see the Adnan tanks breaking down while on test runs.

Perhaps it was also to discuss the purchase of armoured-wheeled vehicles (AWV).

Syed Mokhtar (Al Bukhary)’s group hasn’t been able to deliver the RM8 billion award to supply the government some 265 armored vehicles.

We didn’t hear of open biddings did we?

But rumours are circulating that sometime ago the Mindef awarded Syed Mokthar’s DEFTEC to supply 265 AWVs worth RM8 bilion.

Deftech had participated in one LIMA show and showcased the PARS AWV from Turkey. But the model failed a series of test.

It is conceivable that the visit to Turkey also included the agenda to get some affirmation from Turkey that it can supply combat worthy AWVs.