The Solution

Syed Akbar Ali

Well folks, ok lah. There is a solution for everything. Rocky has come out with a simple yet elegant suggestion to these differences we seem to be having over the DNA issue. You can read it at Rocky’s Bru here.
Since Rocky is a man of really few words, here is about half of what he has written:

But what I know is there has not been a better time – and there will not be a better time – for Anwar Ibrahim to deliver the killer blow on the prosecution. The time is now. This is Anwar’s best chance to prove to all that he is not “Male Y” and that he is a victim of conspiracy, indeed. All he needs to do is volunteer his own DNA sample and let the truth finally prevail.”

‘All Anwar needs to do is volunteer his own DNA sample and let the truth finally prevail’

As the commentor ‘A Good Man Does Nothing’ has suggested, the blood sample may be taken in the Court, in front of everyone. It is not a difficult procedure. May I suggest that Anwar’s DNA sample be given to three different independent DNA Forensics Labs (like the FBI, the Brits and maybe the Indians in India) for verification. This way we will know there is no tampering.

Then when the results come out, it will be a smash dunk for Anwar. Imagine the severe embarrasment it will cause everyone when Anwar can prove once and for all that he is not ‘Male Y’.

Some of you have suggested that the DNA found in Saiful’s behind was planted. Some have suggested that even the “planting” was not necessary. That Saiful never even went to the hospital. That the whole thing was conjured up. They just faked these pieces of paper called lab reports, police reports, statements etc and brought it to Court to frame Anwar. Like a typical Hollywood script. None of this really happened at all.

The same accusation was made during the first trial when the 13 stains were found on that mattress. Well then as now, the conspiracy theory folks have to explain how the semen DNA (including the woman’s – oklah lets call it ‘air mani‘) got to where it was?

Humans have evolved technology which has taken them to the moon and back safely. The DNA folks are also able to determine if the DNA is from hair, bones, semen, discharge etc. All the relevant parties are given the results of the DNA tests for their scrutiny, criticism, verification or whatever.

In the first case, the conspiracy theory suggested that they knocked out the brother, extracted his semen and pasted it on that mattress. OK lets go with that. But what about the woman’s DNA? When did they knock her out?

In this case, the same question arises, how did they get even the profile of the DNA? They took it from the previous case from way back in 1998-99? OK. So the conspiracy was far reaching.

Then why go to the extent of getting a DNA match from a toothbrush, a towel and a mineral water bottle? And then have the Court throw it out pula as inadmissible? These are world class conspirators. Yet they could not fix a simple Judge?