A Moonlight Serenade Gone Awry!


According to this report HERE, Putrajaya revealed today that while Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor did not have aides within the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), her husband’s officers are occasionally seconded to assist her in her role as the prime minister’s wife.

Interestingly, the original article was titled Nazri: PM’s staff moonlighting for Rosmah at THIS LINK but it was updated and titled Nazri: Rosmah gets help from PM’s aides at THIS SITE.

My guess is that some may have been rattled by the term ‘moonlighting’ the meaning of which can be accessed HERE.

Well, the series of reports/statements have been puzzling as usual.

1. In the Malaysian Insider report, Nazri said “There is no fixed or special contract staff for the prime minister’s wife but officers from PMO will, from time to time, help her carry out her duties as the wife of the prime minister.

“The element of extra cost does not arise because they are the prime minister’s employees,” he said.

Nazri said that the officers would be assigned to help with correspondence and handle invitations for local and international events for Rosmah.

2. In THIS ARTICLE from Free Malaysia Today, it was reported that:

Loke did not seem satisfied with the reply. He pointed out to Nazri that the website of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) once listed the names of six officers holding specific posts at FLOM.

“Why does this occur if there are no officers designated to FLOM?” he asked

Nazri read again his reply from a prepared text and added that PMO was going through an updating process to avoid confusion on the matter.

3. In another article HERE by FMT, it was reported that:

The existence of a full-fledged First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) division in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) proves that Najib Tun Razak lied to the Dewan Rakyat when he said his wife Rosmah Mansor had no staff of her own, opposition Member of Parliament Teresa Kok said today.

“The prime minister lied to the Dewan Rakyat in November 2010 when in his parliamentary answer to Bukit Bendera (MP Liew Chin Ton), he said that there are no full-time staff or contract staff specially assigned to his wife, Rosmah Mansor.

“Najib’s statement has now been proven to be a pack of lies with the discovery that there exists a “FLOM division” in the Prime Minister’s Office dedicated to serving Rosmah as evidenced by the PMO’s very own staff directory web page.

“The fact that the web page was suddenly removed two to three days ago upon being criticised by the public makes the existence of this division all the more suspicious,” said Kok, the Seputeh MP, in a statement.