I will defend to the end KITA’s right to associate with frogs

The Peoples’ Parliament

Star reports that KITA’s CEC member Firdaus Christopher feels it was unbecoming of me, as an advocate of civil liberties, to have, in my ‘KITA or KITAR?’ post, criticised KITA’s admission of froggie Tee Beng into the party as a member.

For the avoidance of any doubt, let me state here that even as I criticised KITA in that post for admitting a froggie into their ranks, I will be the first to acknowledge and defend their legitimate and constitutional right to keep company with frogs.

Just as I will respect the right of the KITA leadership to say one thing today and quite another the day after.

As such, if my posting left Firdaus with the impression that I was disputing KITA’s right to fraternise with amphibian politicians, I trust that this post will put to rest those concerns.

I have also sent a press statement to The Star in response to Firdaus’s several statements in the news report.

I reproduce the same below.