MalaY, mALAY, MaLaY, maLay……. ENOUGH !!!

By John Doe

If there’s one single thing which I can agree with this mouldy fossil, is that Malayan Barisan Nasional components are RACISTS!!

MY race is better than your race, MY God is better than your God, and even MY armpit smell is SUPERIOR too !!

Hence the MCA, the MIC as well as UMNO are all race-based. They would not be, if “race” was not on their minds.

As a medical graduate from NUS, he brings much shame to that University. He proudly waves his “malay-ness”. Careful to mention “Mother-Tongue” coz his grand-daddy was Indian from Kerala. Kerala is matrilineal. And thus, they follow the Race of the mother. This is easy to understand. No different from “If your mother is a Jew, then you are a Jew” concept.

For some strange reason, he still thinks that it is the 15th century. And with a mind-set like that, refuses to get out of the doldrums connected with the 15th century. It’s like being stuck in Parameswara’s time forever!! No wonder ASEAN neighbours (excluding Burma) has advanced so much, and left Malaya in the dust behind. So far behind, that even a certain tiny dot to the south is at least 30 years ahead of Malaya.

I find it incredible that he believes that there is such a thing as an American Race, or an Australian Race. May I also suggest a Singaporean Race, a Penang race, a Sarawakian Race, and most importantly the Mat Rempit Race,  Sepang Race, and the Batu-TIga Race since he’s at it then? Absurd? Absolutely !! There are only 5 races in the world. The Caucasoid, the Negroid, Mongoloid, Dravidoid and the Austranesoid. All other races are derivatives from these 5 races in the world.

He said it was obvious some Malays were descended from people of the Indonesian islands, India and the Arabian peninsular.
This makes them Austronesoids, Dravidoids, and Caucasoids. Plain and simple. Malays are NOT a Race. What does he want now, a Malayoid? How about Corruptoid for UMNO then? They dress, speak, and pray to Corruption anyway. That makes them unique!! Hence deserving a “Race” all by themselves.

Here’s his biggest mistake !!

“We don’t hear them claiming to be German Americans, Portuguese Australians or Italian Argentinians, even though they or their ancestors came from these countries,” said Dr Mahathir.
We do hear German Jew, we do hear African American, Pakistani Brits, and closer to home, Indian Muslims, aka Mamak, aka Mahathir.

The former prime minister wrote in his blog that Malays would only say they are Bugis or Javanese if asked about their ancestry but it would be mischievous to suggest that this was their race.

It would be even more mischievous to suggest that one can change their race. Genetically impossible, and classification-wise no one ever said that the Bugis is a Race either. They are either Austronesoids or “Corruptoids”.

Perhaps he is severely lacking the Neanderthal DNA in him, because that’s where we, Homo Sapiens obtained our larger brains from !!

For the record, all non-African have 4% Neanderthal DNA.