What DNA Really Says

By John Doe

In my last post, I wrote briefly about DNA, and that Neanderthal DNA is found in every non-African. The fair-skin which most non-Africans desire is actually coming from their original Homo-Neanderthalis days. There is also an indication that the “Religion Gene” comes NOT from Homo Sapiens, but from Homo Neanderthalis. The Neanderthal Graves and Burials which pre-date Homo Sapien Graves and burials are a Testament to the fact, that Neanderthals had a concept of the afterlife.

Today I will challenge UMNO once again to counter-argue that DNA is a “Product of the Devil” to deceive Humans. And I do this, by introducing a link for all Malaysians to watch. It was aired on PBS in the United States a couple of years back. 
Since then there have been even more evidence discovered. In this Documentary, the host speaks about the lack of Evidence to “Prove” that Man did indeed walk from Africa to Australia. Well, let me introduce to you a site which DOES PROVE it now.
The location is called Jwalapuram, in India, and the finds are simply massive !! Many artifacts pre-date the MT Toba eruption, and many more, after. Click the link below if you want to read more.
MISSING LINK? WHAT MISSING LINK ??? DNA helped BRIDGE that “missing-link” a long time ago !! UMNO MUST recant DNA now !!
TO use DNA against Anwar means that UMNO will now start to teach Evolution in Muslim schools. You can’t use DNA, and NOT talk about The Fact of Evolution. The two are so inter-twined together !!
Ban DNA from Criminal use !!