Ex-aide openly implicates Taib

By Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud owns the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) North West headquarters in Abraham Lincoln building located in Seattle, US.

The revelation was made by online newsportal SarawakReport in a 16.43 minute video entitled “Film Tribute to Ross Boyert”.

The video is part of a series of “Anti-Taib Mahmud” campaigns, decrying the massive deforestation and abuse under his regime, rippling through London, Ottawa (Canada) and now in the US.

The video was based on interviews with Taib’s ex-employee Ross Boyert and his wife Jonni Boyert who turned whistleblowers after they were dismissed from their jobs in Taib’s company.

Boyert was formerly chief operating officer of  Taib-owned Sakti International. He died under mysterious circumstances in October last year after he became a whistleblower.

In the video, Boyert openly implicated Taib as the real owner of the company.

“Taib is the owner of this company and all of its assets,“ said Boyert.