Attack victims to lodge MACC report

By Joseph Tawie, Free Malaysia Today

KUCHING: Nine days after Minggat anak Nyakin and his son Juan were attacked at a timber log pond at Sungai Rusa in Sarikei Division, their families and relatives are wondering why the authorities have not taken any action against their attackers.

According to Sarawak Native Landowners Network (Tahabas) spokesman Bernard Nyumbang Anank Barau, there has also been no police investigation into the alleged illegal logging activities.

“The family members will lodge a report with the Malaysian-Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) against the police within 14 days, if the police  don’t act against the attackers.

“The family members will also try to get legal help against the company,” said Nyumbang.

He added that a recent check at the log pond showed no sign of activities.

“There seems to be no activities at the log pond now, but this may only be a misleading and temporary reprieve.

“It is believed that the loggers will resume their activities since no investigation is done,” he said.

Both Minggat and his son were released from the hospital on Feb 19 and went home after their statements were recorded by the police.

They are no longer under police custody.

But, according to Minggat, a car used by his other son to rescue him from the log pond is being held at the Sarikei police station.

He does not know why the police are holding back the car.