Lim tells Koh to return RM30m to state

By Harakah Daily

PENANG, Feb 23: Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng has urged his predecessor Koh Tsu Koon to take responsibility over the Pulau Jerejak project fiasco which caused some RM30 million in losses to the state.

Lim urged Koh to repay the money, which he said was taken away from the people of Penang without any good returns.

“The state government has decided to ask Tsu Koon to redeem the lost which amounted to RM30 million for the sake of the Penangites.

“As a cabinet minister responsible for Key Performance Index (KPI), it is his responsibility to direct UDA to return the money related to Pulau Jerejak scandal to the people,” stressed Lim.

Koh was alleged to have given away the lands in Pulau Jerejak to the Urban Development Authority (UDA), which owned 51 percent of Tropical Island Resort (TIR), the firm managing the island.

It is understood that the other 49 percent of TIR was owned by the state-owned Penang Development Corporation (PDC). However, Lim said PDC’s investment of RM15.435 million in TIR combined with the RM3.6 million load to TIR could not be recovered.

Earlier, Lim had pointed out that TIR had failed to pay RM10.6 million for land premiums, bringing the total loss to approximately RM30 million.