Guan Eng to Gerakan : Don’t assume Penangites are stupid

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Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng gave to members of the media a table that shows the total contributions from Penangites through taxes and duties versus the amount the Federal Government gave to Penang.

There is a gross difference because the amount contributed by Penang between 2001 to 2008 is RM25.7 billion whilst the amount the state got in return was only a mere 3% totalling RM794 million.

CM Lim has said that Penang is sidelined because of this. However, Chinese press has reported that Gerakan Teng Hock Nan has retorted that Penang was never sidelined and CM LIm merely said so because the money wasn’t in his pocket.

A peeved CM Lim told Gerakan Teng not to assume that Penangites are stupid because they are aware of this huge difference between the amount they contributed to the country and the amount they get in return for the development of the state.