Xavier pleads to be retained as exco

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, who is expected to announce a reshuffled state cabinet next week, is said to be deluged by SMSes urging him to drop ‘inefficient’ councillor, Dr Xavier Jeyakumar.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Embattled Selangor exco Dr Xavier Jeyakumar may get a reprieve despite rumours that he will be dropped from state lineup.

According to an insider, Xavier had pleaded  with party de factor leader Anwar Ibrahim, during a meeting last Wednesday, to be retained as executive councillor in the state cabinet.

“Last Wednesday, Xavier and his son met Anwar at 9pm at the headquarters. Xavier begged Anwar to keep him in the post.

“After listening to Xavier, Anwar tapped him on the shoulder with a file and said ‘this is your last chance’,” said the insider.

It is understood that PKR trasurer William Leong was also present during Xavier’s meeting with Anwar.

But whether Xavier’s pleading with Anwar will carry weight with Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim is another matter.

Khalid has been deluged with complaints of Xavier’s inefficiency and both Anwar and him have been deluged with SMSes in recent days urging Xavier to be dropped from the state line-up.

Xavier, who helms the Health, Plantation Workers, Povert and Caring Government Committee has also been accused of displaying “MIC-tactics”.

Said the insider: “Everything was set to axe Xavier. Both Anwar and Khalid have received numerous complaints against Xavier’s ineffectiveness.

“The state is prepared to replaced Xavier with fellow assemblyman M Mutthiah from Bukit Melawati.”

Scandals and abuses

Meawnhile, another local PKR Indian leader said Xavier was least concerned about the plight of plantation workers, prefering to focus on temples and Tamil schools.

“Tamil schools and temples are not even in the portfolio. These are tactics and areas that MIC uses to gain Indian community support.

“Xavier doesn’t care about plantation workers… he is facing tough times dealing with the issues and is getting depressive.

“I’ve heard that there’s a police case against Xavier for hitting his opponent S Kottapan during party election.

“Also, there’s a series of scandals linked to Xavier about alleged abuse of allocations to Tamil school fund. Khalid got fed up and put the Tamil school funding under another exco, Dr Halimah Ali,” the leader told FMT.