The three ‘S’ threaten to make an ass

By J. D. Lovrenciear

Do we cry? Do we scream? What do we do now? That seems to be the predicament that the right thinking rakyat are going through right now.

The breaking news on a steady staple is one of seminal stains, the shit orifice and that of stealing the wealth of the nation. That makes up the three ‘S’ that confront the nation on a daily basis with no indication how it is all going to blow up or fade away as quickly as it is appearing.

The Sodomy Saga II is indeed a porno-classic if that is what we can call it. The unfolding  court proceeding is about the first ‘S’ i.e. the seminal stains and what have you. This can only make Malaysia an ass in the world-view.

The second ‘S’ that keeps making us an ass in the global community is that bit of political warfare surrounding the shit arse. Yes we are down the gutter trying to pin a man for allegedly making his way into the shit arse. This will be the world’s most incredible story every documented in the history of humanity’s political landscape. And so we become yet again an ass on the political world map.

The third ‘S’ is of course all about stealing. The most recent allegations making its round about the Chief Minister of Sarawak is the killer-thriller of them all. The revelations by the Bruno Manser Foundation and the following up action by them will finally crown us all as the world’s biggest ass.

What do we the humble rakyat do? Shall we do? When do we do? How shall we do?

Do what?

Stop Malaysia from becoming the biggest ass because of the politicians’ three ‘S’ agenda.

Oh no, we cannot. We certainly cannot follow others. We cannot follow Egypt style. We cannot follow Tunisia style. No, no, no way can we follow Bahrain, Algeria or Libya either.

You forget like an ass that the highly efficient PDRM will be there waiting to finish you off even before you walk two steps on the streets.

Okay. We will go to the polls to kill the three ‘S’ so we do not end up an ass of a country. But when will that be? Oh, that’s another new ‘S’ for you — sorry, remember the PM is not telling yet.

Never mind. We will wait patiently till the election-day comes. But no you forget so easily like all asses do. Do you not remember what the PM warned: there will be loss of lives and crushed bodies if you vote whoever you think is causing all the ‘S’.

What an ass life! (Sorry ass, never meant to hurt you so bad).