“Kuburkan BN atau bina kuasa ketiga”

Let us accept as a fact for debate that the people want a change from being governed by BN. That does not entitle Pakatan Rakyat to say that they are the only ones that have the legitimate right to fight for this change. No individual, political party or organization in this country has the absolute right, or will ever have the right, to say that only they can decide who can or cannot battle for the hearts of the voters, and the future of the nation.

By Dr. Paraman

Salam sejahtera diucapkan kepada semua hadirin hadirat yang dihormati sekalian.

Sebelum saya mula ucapan ini, izinkan saya untuk mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Parti Sosialis Malaysia kerana sudi mengundang kami untuk mengambil bahagian dalam forum ini.

My name is Dr Paraman. I am a Malaysian. I come here representing Mr Uthayakumar of The Human Rights Party of Malaysia.

We have come this morning as a friend of Pakatan Rakyat and as true friends, we shall only say what we feel will truly benefit the people of this nation in the next. We have not come here to be apple polishers.

The invitation letter states that ‘the 13th GE, memberi peluang terbaik untuk Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih pemerintahan negara’.

‘Namun demikian, kebelakangan ini terdapat pelbagai kenyataan yang menonjolkan sifat-sifat Kuasa Ketiga (The Third Force). Sudah pastinya kewujudan suatu kuasa ketiga ini boleh membawa padah kepada perjuangan rakyat yang menuntut pertukaran kerajaan BN kepada PR’. Meaning that there are some out there who will be acting as spoilers to the perjuangan rakyat.

Now, lets not get carried away. Pakatan Rakyat managed to get 3.79 million votes in the last GE, out of 10.74 million people who were registered to vote from a total of 15.2 million Malaysians who were eligible to vote. That too with the help of numerous organizations in this country, some of whom are present today.

With all due respect, 3.8 out of 15 million votes does not constitute ‘perjuangan rakyat’.  What does that then make the 4 million votes that BN won?? Also Pakatan Rakyat hanya adalah pakatan di antara DAP, PAS dan PKR and perhaps PSM juga dan bukanlah pakatan antara semua golongan atau lapisan rakyat.

Let us accept as a fact for debate that the people want a change from being governed by BN. That does not entitle Pakatan Rakyat to say that they are the only ones that have the legitimate right to fight for this change. No individual, political party or organization in this country has the absolute right, or will ever have the right, to say that only they can decide who can or cannot battle for the hearts of the voters, and the future of the nation.

The only right that any political party has is to decide who they pick as their allies, and who they will consider as their opponents. And that will be something that Pakatan Rakyat will have to consider very seriously before the next GE, if they truly want to have any chance at all of capturing Putrajaya.

The letter also states, ‘Semua ahli panel juga diseru memfokuskan kepada isu pokok iaitu bagaimana hendak menewaskan BN’.

So we are here to discuss how Pakatan Rakyat can defeat BN in the next GE. The answer is simple, that is by getting way more than the 3.8 million votes that Pakatan Rakyat won the last time.

To be safe, let us just say that Pakatan Rakyat will need in excess of 5 million votes to win Putrajaya.

Now, how can they do this?

We all know that UMNO and its thousand odd warlords are the real political masters of this country. But these thousand odd warlords need the help of their boys in MCA, MIC and Gerakan as well as all those other pro BN parties to win enough votes to stay in power. Without these lackeys, the UMNO warlords will not be able to even win a hamper at a lucky draw.

Can DAP, PAS and PKR say that they have the ability and resources to battle all 17 BN component parties, to reach the entire voter spectrum, to ensure that they will be able to get into the homes and hearts of every red blooded voter out there and say that we represent your dreams for this great country? Can you?

Can Pakatan Rakyat even guarantee, as things stand today, that they will be able to at least match the 3.8 million votes that they won the last term, if the elections were called tomorrow?

It cannot be denied that the political picture has become muddled and chaotic, and that BN has to a certain extent regained some measure of the support they lost in the last GE. Can Pakatan Rakyat stop this slide, and make themselves once again the best choice for the voters out there?

If things were indeed going according to track, we will not be here today, having this discussion would we?

The only reason there is a rise of new players, who are anti BN, and yet not a part of Pakatan Rakyat, is because there are voters out there who have lost some measure of faith in Pakatan Rakyat as being the best choice there is. Whether these new players are called the third force or not, is partly in the hands of the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat.

If the matlamat is to kuburkan BN, then Pakatan must acknowledge that it needs help to achieve this feat.

This is a divided nation, with race, language,class, religion, geography and social history being the factors in the many divides we have here. Unless Pakatan Rakyat shows that it can fit the real needs of all the Malaysians out there, regardless of which box they may fall into, then it cannot have a chance of beating the broader reach of BN.

If Pakatan Rakyat chooses to label anyone as a third force or as a spoiler, and at the same time does not want to accommodate, accept and engage the same as their allies in the struggle to topple BN, then they have only themselves to be blamed.

If PAS and DAP, from entirely different planets in terms of ideology can work together to change things, why does Pakatan Rakyat not want to consider any other anti BN force out there as an ally?

We cannot speak on behalf of anyone else. But we can guarantee that HRP will contest in at least 15 parliamentary and 38 state seats in the next GE. And we will do this alone, or as part of a partnership with anyone that considers BN as their opponent, including Pakatan Rakyat. But the decision that we will contest is not negotiable, as we have nothing to lose, just like the Malaysians that we fight for.

All HRP can say is this; we can take on anyone in BN for at least 500k of the 700-800k Indian voters out there, and mind you, most of these votes will be in crucial rural constituencies where it is going to make a huge difference to Pakatan Rakyat or BN. Whether this becomes a part of the votes needed for Pakatan Rakyat to capture Putrajaya is really up to them.

Regarding the 3 questions:

Q1 : Apakah sepatutnya matlamat kita dalam PRU ke 13 – Kuburkan BN atau bina kuasa ketiga?

A : Kuburkan ‘minda BN’ di kalangan semua. Apakah ‘minda BN’ ini? ‘Minda BN’ adalah sifat tiada toleransi antara kaum, sikap hanya mengutamakan golongan majoriti dan individu2 kroni tertentu sahaja, sikap melabelkan apa-apa jua tuntutan golongan minoriti yang paling tertindas dan teraniaya selama lebih 4 dekad sebagai rasis semata-mata sebagai helah untuk mengelakkan diri daripada mencari penyelesaian yang terbaik dan mutlak untuk masalah-masalah berkenaan. ‘Minda BN’ juga merangkumi perangai tidak mahu mendapatkan konsensus semua dan tiada budi untuk membalas surat-surat tentang tuntutan dan masalah rakyat yang di kemukakan.

To bury the ‘BN mindset’ in all of us is far more relevant than just the mere concept of burying BN as a coalition party by itself.

Q2 : Apakah tuntutan2 utama rakyat yang anda rasa boleh membawa perubahan ke Putrajaya?

A : I feel this question is just too wide to be covered in 3 mins. I couldn’t possibly do justice by covering it in such a short space of time. However what I do suggest is that all the political party’s secretary generals in this forum, meet up in a series of closed door sessions and iron out their differences and come up with proper solutions for all the people in this country. So can Mr Arul organize this?

Q3. Apakah perkara yang harus di tumpu atau di hindari dari sekarang jika hendak melangkah ke Putrajaya?

A : We feel Pakatan Rakyat should mature from just being an alternative government which is aiming only to get into Putrajaya into becoming the real and caring government for all people that views long term governance. Pakatan Rakyat will have to dare to make aggressive changes that has been long due. That is moving away from the naked manipulation of Malay support (like what UMNO does) to grooming Malay support based on facts, intelligence, conscience and brotherhood of all races. Love has to be made the very base and foundation. Positive values derived from love for all is to be infused to all.
Visualize your dream for Malaysia. See the Utopia that you want, then prescribe it to the people.

Biarlah PAS berjuang untuk hak-hak golongan India yang tertindas supaya HINDRAF dapat berjuang untuk hak orang Melayu yang miskin. Biarlah orang Semenanjung berjuang untuk hak asasi orang Sabah/Sarawak supaya mereka pula dapat berjuang untuk keadilan di Semenanjung.
The rich must help the poor, the majority must help the minority.
Sama-samalah kita kuburkanlah minda ‘BN’  dalam kalangan semua demi keadilan untuk semua dalam erti kata yang sebenarnya.

Love All Serve All

Sai Ra