When Indians become Malays

By John Doe

Ketuanan means anyone can join your Club. Insult the Club, and you’ve insulted their Religion. And of course, their Religion’s God need defending. No matter how much any intellectual tries to “logic this one out” one cannot. Why does God need a puny human’s defending? Humans are so tiny in the scope of things. There are 6 Billion humans on Earth. Earth is part of the Milky Way, which is in turn a part of the Universe, which has at least 200Billion stars ( no one knows exactly how many planets exist). If God can create all those 200Billion Stars, then surely He (or She) does NOT need your defending. Angels don’t seem to need to defend their God, and if they do, I’m pretty damn sure that they’ll do a much better job of it than a puny Human. Quote me a verse which says that Angels need to defend their God, and I’ll physically EAT a Copy of ANY Holy Book which says that !!

So, the Club plays on this. Harping it over and over and over again. I ended the last post with “Indian Chinese Malay, Indian Chinese Malay…” as if no other people existed on this planet. Yes. the same planet in the Universe with at least 200Billion Stars. Indian Chinese Malay becomes thoroughly insignificant in the overall scheme of things for those who do any international trade at all. It is sadly, the only thing which both UMNO AND PR know how to shout. Over and over and over and over again. This is most unfortunate.
At least bring in the “Dan Lain-Lain” in your discussion. What are they? Dead Flies?
So “Race-Changing” seems to be a new-fangled thing. If you are a Muslim, then you are a Muslim. Why insist on Indian-Muslim to be used as your name-badge? You never hear Chinese-Hindu, or Indian-Christian used as a badge anywhere. Why? 
So, back to Indian Muslim. At which point is an Indian Muslim a Malay, and at which point is an Indian-Muslim, and Indian-Muslim? Why tag Mamak to mean Indian-Muslim, and NOT a Malay? Don’t they, or shouldn’t they mean the same thing? Mahathir certainly calls himself a Malay, instead of an Indian-Muslim!!  And since names (derogatory or otherwise are only man-made anyway) why not assign the word “Keling” to ONLY mean Indian Muslims who belong to UMNO? Would that be fair? or what if the entire society shifted the Word “Keling” to ONLY mean UMNO instead. Now that would be interesting. Politically-incorrect, but certainly interesting !! Shouldn’t MIC be renamed “Malaysian Keling Club” instead then? If they need to “toe the Party Line” ?
Wearing clothes makes one Malay? What happens when you bathe? By this definition then, Khalwat is thus nonsensical, because if one is naked and humping, then, the qualifier no longer exists !! “I am UNDRESSED!! I CANNOT be a Malay because I am NOT wearing Malay clothes!! In fact, I’m not even wearing any clothes!! How can I be a Malay?”  
Speaking makes one Malay? So what happens when student go abroad to study? Will they force their lecturers to teach in Malay? By the same “qualifier”, for the Malays who wish to drink, start speaking in English, or Javanese, because at that point you fail the qualifier to be a Malay. Salut !! Cheer !! Kampai !!
By the same qualifier, there can never be a Malay Baby born. Why? have you ever heard a baby speak Malay at birth? Uttering words like “Selamat Pagi Ayah dan Ibu” as the umbilical chord is snipped? What RUBBISH !!! What NONSENSE !!!
Acting Malay is even more ridiculous sounding. And what does that involve? I do know that in UMNO’s case, it means being Corrupted. But what about the rest of the population? And another thing which irritates is this. Everyone thinks that there is a 60% Malay-Muslim population in Malaysia. Note that they always tag those two words together. I’ve always wondered why. Why not just 60% Malays? Or why not 60% Muslim? Are the two really the same? Are there really 60% Malay-Muslims in Malaysia?

Wanna look at some statistics? Dear BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, and every other Credible News-Agency, please note this and act appropriately. If the population of Malays=Bumiputras, then the 60% would be correct (despite the removal of Orang Asli’s as Bumiputra). However one will immediately need to discount the Christian Ibans and Kadazans. And what is their population again? 0%? of course NOT !

How many people know that 75% of Borneo is Christian? and if you deduct that 75% Christians from the 60% Malay population, then what do you have left? You do the Math yourself. Maybe some might argue that you cannot be Malay if you are NOT a Muslim. then you will need to deduct those who are NOT Muslims out fo the Malay 60%. And what does that leave you with immediately? 30%? 35%? And one also needs to deduct the Orang Asli’s out of this percentage as well. So how many Malays do you really have left? (Assuming that they need to be Muslim to qualify as a Malay)
It is no surprise that most Indonesians with the Minangs from Padang in particular giving the same estimates of the 30-35% Muslim percentage in Malaysia. Now. For 30% to rule the rest of the 100% simply translates as a Minority Rule. This is exactly how Apartheid is defined by the way.
So, when an Indian becomes a Muslim, he is called an Indian-Muslim. So what happens when an Indian joins UMNO what is he to be called then? A Pariah? A Keling? A Pariah-Keling? What? I ONLY quote from “Interlok” – the OFFICIALLY sanctioned RACIST BOOK by BN !!