The Nefarious Hidden Hands of The Axis of Evil

Din Merican

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) in his blog Malaysia Today (MT) had frequently referred to the alliance of AG Gani Patail, former IGP Musa Hassan and the MACC as the Unholy Trinity. That may offend some of my Christian brothers and sisters. Thus, it would be more apt to call them the Axis of Evil. From my analysis, they have remained strong, their tentacles are everywhere, and after a short hiatus, they are now back with a vengeance!

The Axis of Evil was at its strongest when Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan was the MACC’s Chief Commissioner. After messing up the MACC with so many controversies including his son’s scandal, a MAS pilot who was charged in Australia for child pornography, Ahmad Said retired on 1st January 2010, five months short of his retirement in May. There were high hopes then that Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohammed who succeeded him would bring about change to the MACC. But that has just remained as unfulfilled hopes.

Gani, Musa and MACC Chief Commissioner Dato’ Seri Abu Kassim should all be crime fighters!

At about this time last year, rumours were rife that Home Minister Dato Seri Hismamudidin Hussein would also ask then IGP Musa Hassan to retire early. Musa got wind of it and did a pre-emptive strike by making a press statement to expose Hishammudin’s plans and linking that to the work of syndicates trying to get close to the Minister. Having hobbled the Minister, Musa went about the next few months maligning then Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar. Everyone in PDRM knows that Ismail Omar is a good natured man. Yet, Musa bad mouthed Ismail as being a weakling, timid, incompetent and fragile person not suited to succeed him as IGP. Eventually, Hishammuddin, put his foot down and refused to allow any further extension of Musa Hassan’s contract.

That triggered a very bitter response from Musa who accused Hishammuddin of interference. Musa also blamed Hishammudin’s Police Liaison and Special Assistant, SAC Wan Najmuddin, for his downfall and made all kinds of false links between the Minister and the underworld. I had previously warned that Hishammuddin and IGP Ismail Omar have to be prepared that they will be made the targets of more slanderous attacks. Musa Hassan will not keep quiet or take things lying down. He is intent on being a thorn in Hishammuddin’s side.  My warning had been prophetic.  After a brief moment of lying low, Musa Hassan is now exacting his revenge against his detractors.

On Wednesday 16th February, MT posted an article “The Warlords And The De Facto IGP” purportedly written by a ghost writer calling himself the Innocent Victim. I was surprised that RPK could allow that piece to be posted as it makes out Musa Hassan and all his rogue officers in the PDRM to be angels. It goes against RPK’s series on the Unholy Trinity. Many who have read it asked me – did RPK make a mistake? Some even say that RPK has gone senile lately with his blog posting confusing and even conflicting stories. Worst still, some say RPK has been turned over. I cannot believe that and will get back to this shortly after obtaining RPK’s explanation.

In the meantime, much of what was written in that article focused on bringing down IGP Ismail Omar and several other personalities. That is a very old trick in the book frequently used by Musa and his cohorts. But therein lies their incoherent approach. While Ismail Omar was previously made out to be a weakling, now suddenly he has become a dictatorial oppressive IGP. It is obvious that Musa Hassan is back doing what he is best at — authoring poison pen letters to malign and fix people up. He did that to his own bosses, Tan Sri Norian Mai and Tan Sri Bakri Omar. He directed Dato’ Christopher Wan to set up an anonymous blog against Dato’ Johari Baharom, former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs.

After unsuccessfully blocking Ismail’s rise as IGP, Musa now maligns Ismail with false stories. Musa, with his good friend and ally, AG Gani Patail, have a long history as fabricators and liars. Malaysians will always remember “Musa the Mattress Carrier”. Recently retired KL CID Chief Dato Mat Zain Ibrahim did not mince his words about Musa Hassan and Gani Patail being fabricators in the “Black Eye Incident” and branding them as the cancerous cells eating away into the PDRM and the AG’s Chambers.

From my recent friendship with Dato Ramli Yusuff, I decided to ask him of the allegations made against Ismail Omar and others in that article. Initially, Dato Ramli was reluctant to make any comment beyond saying “Pembohong! All lies, and they are still at it, fixing up people!” But Dato’ Ramli would not say more.

I decided to play hardball with Dato Ramli. I reminded him that I had put myself at personal risks in writing about him so that Malaysians would know of the victimization that he suffered at the hands of this Axis of Evil. I goaded him that he owed it to others who are now suffering the same fate. I asked him to compare himself to Dato Mat Zain who is now speaking out fearlessly. I challenged him that Malaysians are still waiting for him to sue all those people who fixed him up to ensure that the incident that befell him would not befall others. I chided him if his reluctance to speak out is due to the court appeals that the AG has filed against his acquittals and his hopes of being reinstated and getting back his pensions. I told Dato Ramli that he is no longer a police officer and is thus not gagged from speaking out against these rogues. That he would in fact be doing the good natured Ismail Omar a favour as Ismail cannot be seen as talking to a blogger.

After unsuccessfully blocking Ismail’s rise as IGP, Musa now maligns Ismail with false stories.

As if out of frustration, Dato Ramli asked me to read an earlier piece in MT posted on 3rd October 2010 titled “Musa Hassan- A Thorn in Hishammuddin’s Side”    ( However, Dato Ramli insisted that he is not the Deep Throat that he had been so frequently accused of. I didn’t care for that explanation. All I wanted was a lead as to why so many names are being maligned in one stroke of the pen. As for the personalities being specifically mentioned and slandered, I would just quote from that piece:

“An analysis of the background of the officers and civilians specifically mentioned in the article also disclosed the following: