Najib the opportunist!

By Jacob Sinnathamby, The Malaysian Insider

So it looks like our neighbours down south were right: Prime Minister Najib Razak is someone who will do anything for his own political ends. A political opportunist or a pragmatist. Two sides of a coin really.

How else does one explain his political posturing to several hundred religious teachers today.

According to The Malaysian Insider, he is quoted as telling these religious teachers that putting other religions on the same footing as Islam is unIslamic.

So Islam is numero uno, and Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and other religions are relegated to second class.

Not a bad pronouncement from the man who gave us 1 Malaysia. So now we know where the people at Ikim and Jakim and Jais got their pointers from.

All along we non-Malay Malaysians actually believed that the likes of Najib were uncomfortable with the conservatives in religious bodies.

Not so, it appears.

It is the likes of Najib who is giving cover and support to the conservatives. And what is really galling about this whole situation is that Najib and his friends in Umno are making this so-called stand against religious pluralism for votes.

They believe that the Chinese/Christian vote is unobtainable, judging from by-election results since the last general election. So now they need to target the Malay/Muslim vote in a big way.

What better way than to stoke the fears of Malays that their rights are under threat by non-Malays (Perkasa, Mahathir, Utusan) and by playing the religious card.