Mahathir’s Post-Mortem

written by John Doe

We all look forward to the day we don’t have to rebut Mahathir anymore. And that day, is coming soon. But as long as he still breathes, then people like me have to undo the damage which this mouldy-fossil creates. And we certainly look forward to the day when we do not have to rebut him anymore.

Uncle Fossil decided to use Corazon and Thaksin as examples to “illustrate” and “legitimze” his own Kerala roots to justify himself changing into a “Malay”. He assumes that people like us do not know any better. He assumes that just because there is BTN, that people like us would have attended it, and would have, and should have been brainwashed by BTN. No such chance.
This is how ill-advised Uncle Fossil is. While it is true that both Corazon and Thaksin have China blood in them, he forgot one extremely important issue. The Thailand which Thaksin comes from is clearly called “Land of the Thai’s”. This is in reference to the Tai. And whether spelled Tai or Thai, they mean the one and the same. All Tai/Thai’s are yellow.
Perhaps Mahathir was hoping that it should have been called “Monland” instead. Well, the Mons are “Pendatangs” from Burma. And there is a State in Burma which is called…… “Mon State”! Surprise Surprise !!! And the Thai’s, including the present hill-tribes come from China. Either way, they are both migrants. In fact the Thai language is but a Chinese dialect. I speak enough Thai, Lao, and some Chinese to be able to discern that the structure of the language are in fact 80% identical. Even the words themselves have strong similarities.
Here are the numbers spoken in Thai.
Nueng, Sawng, Sum, See, Ha, Hok, Chet, Pet, Kau, Sip. 
Sip Et, Sip Sawng, Sip Sum, Sip See ….. Yi Sip.
Yi Sip Et, Yi Sip Sawng, and so on….
Hakka speakers would have jumped at the above and immediately recognized the above number-system.
Notice that I don’t even have to put the numerical digits for anyone to understand which is which.
Now here come other words:
“Keng”, is pronounced the exact same way as the Cantonese word Keng, and both mean “Terror” or “Fantastic”.
“Sui” in Mandarin is said as “Suayyy” in Thai, to mean “Beautiful”. This is not to be confused with the Hokkien “Suay”, which means “bad luck”.
The only differences being the tones, which would create a different meaning, and so on. Thus, “Ma”, pronounced differently can mean either “Mother”, or “Horse”, and so on in Thai, or any Chinese Dialect. This amazing “Ma” word can also be brought to Vietnam and have the exact same meanings. Thus “Bak Ma Hotel” means exactly the same in Cantonese, AND Vietnamese.
How do you say “Advertising” in Vietnamese again? Shockingly, it is “Kwang Kau”, which is again, identical to the Mandarin way of pronouncing. In fact if you went to a Vietnamese and said “Toong Num Sai Puck”, they would understand it as “East, South, West, and North”; again, EXACTLY identical to the Cantonese way of pronouncing.
Coming back to the Thai Language, “Mai Pen Lai” means “No Problem” in English. The Lao equivalent is “Boh Penyang” They both mean the same. And what is the Cantonese equivalent? “Mo Mun Thai” Anyone notice the similarities yet? The “Boh” in the Lao “Boh Penyang” is used exactly like how the Hokkiens use the word “Boh”. Which means either “No”, or if attached in the anterior, becomes a “question mark” of sorts. Hence, “Sabaidee” means “Greetings” in Lao. It actually literally translates to “Healthy” in both Thai and Lao. Hence, in Thai, you could also say “Sabaidee Mai?” to mean “Are you healthy?” and you ask “Sabaidee Boh?” for to same and effect in Lao.
“Menam Chao Praya” is another interesting one. “it is actually spelled incorrectly. It should be “Mae Nam Chao Phraya” to translate as “Mother Water Chao Phraya”. Just as “Mekong River” is another absurdity. It should be “Mae Nam Khong”, both in the Thai Language as well as in Lao. Where “Mae” means mother (rhymes with Nightmare), and “Nam” means water. So looking at “Mekong” it should be correctly called “Khong River”. because the “Mae” is the short way of calling “Mae Nam”. Identically, you could call the “Chao Phraya” as just “Mae Chao Phraya”, but this would be considered rather “impolite”.
For future tourists to Kanchanaburi where the famous “Bridge on the river Kwai” is located, please, for heaven’s sake get the correct name pronounced. This was such an erroneous spelling that every single Thai will snigger whenever you say “River Kwai”. Why? it is supposed to be pronounced “Kwae” (just like “Square”, without the letter “s”) And why do the Thai’s laugh? It’s because “Kwai” mean “Water Buffalo”. So “Water Buffalo River” is rib-tickling. No different from the statements which Uncle Fossil decides to make nowadays.
The Linguistic Breakdown of the Thai groups are as follows:
Tai Kradai, 
Tai East Central
Chiang Saeng
Tai Dam
They all come from South China, in the region just north of Vietnam. By the way, do read up any Thai Primary School History textbook. It tells a lot about all the origins of the Thai’s, and how they are all “Pendatangs” from China. That is one of the many reasons why the Thai’s have always been so receptive to foreigners. Thai Tourism contributes to 7% of Thai economy. And this is excluding the “Dark Trades” which go unrecorded.
For the record, the Austro-Asiatic Languages are more “China” than the Austronesian Language. They imported many Sanskrit and Pali words, and even their script is vaguely Sanskrit and Pali-based. Present day Thai script is a development from the Cambodian Script. and the Lao Script is based on the older form of the Thai Script. The Vietnamese decided to use a Romanized script, primarily because of the French influence, and their spellings are reflective of the Latin Way of pronouncing. Thus, “My Son” is pronounced as “Mee Sern”, “Nha Trang” is prnounced as “Na Chang” and so on.
So, for Uncle Fossil to say that Thaksin is part Chinese, and part Thai, is akin to saying that “someone” is part Hainanese, and part Chinese. Or that another individual is part Kerala, and part Indian.
Both statements are absurd!!!
He could have at least picked on Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, where one is VERY Yellow, while the masses are clearly Brown. But Khmer History remains for another day…
“Indian Chinese Malay Indian Chinese Malay”…. SHUT UP !! 
GAWD !!!  There’s a far larger world out there than “Indian Chinese Malay”… gosh.