Your Country Needs YOU

It would be a horrific day, should the Opposition win, as there will be widespread changes in this country that will affect society and our way of life.

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Once again, the General Election is coming. The time has come for Malaysians from all walks of life to come forward and exercise your Right to vote. For the past 50 years the majority has made a wise choice to vote BN. We hope this time the electorate will again make the right choice.

In 2008, BN lost its two thirds majority for the first time, and since then Malaysia has gone through turbulent times, in turmoil, racial strife and struggling to implement policy. Today, there are quarrels and fights over every little detail. Even our economy has come to a standstill.

Tribute must be paid to great men like Tun Dr M and Perkasa Leader Datuk Ibrahim Ali who are still struggling for the Malays, and risking their reputations in the process.  Great Men like DDr Chua Soi Lek, who emerged from raging scandals just to represent the voice of the Chinese. And DS Samy Vellu, who recently retired after a brilliant career and a superhero to the Indian Community. Their immense contribution to the Nation is nothing short of commendable..MCA, Gerakan and MIC with so little representation in Parliament, has affected the Voice of the Non Malays. The non Malays can return them to power, so that their voices will once again be heard loud and clear.

Now the time has come for us to come to the rescue of our nation. BN has always been there for us through thick and thin. Some of its divisive policies, though unpopular has held the country together. BN’s inability to implement policy is largely due to a strong opposition which has led the country to a standstill.

BN’s well oiled machinery (powered by Petronas Syntium) is once again active, and is already on the ground, into every village, and to the deep interiors of our country to drum up support. This time BN wants a convincing win.

The safe deposit in East Malaysia is being slowly withdrawn, and BN cannot count on East Malaysia alone to secure its two thirds majority. With the emergence of MCLM as the Third Force and a strong opposition: It will punch a big hole in BN’s safety net. Therefore, your country needs you!

 BN is going to dissolve Parliament, and call for fresh elections two years earlier than anticipated. This election will see BN regaining its majority.

Take heed, as I implore you to take this opportunity to become patriots, and come to the rescue of the nation. We cannot just hope that BN will win. We have got to make it happen. If there is one thing that you can do for your nation, that is: Go all out and recruit at least one other voter, He or she may be your mother, your son, your distant cousin, your fishing kaki, your gardener, your boss, the bread man, your bodyguard, or your boyfriend . Take them along and make it a family outing, when the big day comes and make sure him or her votes. A couple of hundred thousand extra voters will ensure that our Nation regains its former glory.

Once BN wins, there will once again be an air of normalcy, Racism will disappear. The alternative Media will shut its mouthpiece. It will be uneventful, probably boring, but Malaysia will steam forward again in full power. Nothing will change; everything will be as it is. Everyone will go back to their old boring jobs. There will be no shocking changes to our everyday lives. We will lose interest in Politics. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

Some of the RM800 billion outflows may return to the country to stimulate the economy. Word has it that most of the money got stashed away in China, India, and Israel. Isn’t it better to vote for the devil we know, than for the angel we don’t know? Moreover, the Opposition only opposes for the sake of opposing, without taking the nations’ interest into account.

It would be a horrific day, should the Opposition win, as there will be widespread changes in this country that will affect society and our way of life. Most of us will wake up to a new reality, and forced to adapt to a more alien culture. Listed below are some of the drastic changes that will change our lives forever. Ponder on it carefully!

·        Meritocracy would be fully restored, heightening intense competition for places in Public Educational Institutions, Government Institutions, The Public and Private Sectors and the Civil Service.

·        A Free Market Economy, that will be disadvantageous to certain segments of society dependent on the NEM

·        Equality among the races, that will ridicule our Supremacy and Superiority

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