The Warlords And The De Facto IGP (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

On assuming the post of IGP that was orchestrated by members of the underworld/secret societies, Ismail Omar has to fulfil his obligations to the underground to replace the then existing D7 officers with fresh faces whom the underground is comfortable to work with. Behind this wicked and heinous scheme is the ‘1 Malaysia syndicate’ led by Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan, who is buddy to former IGP Norian Mai, to bring the Police Force under their control, hence the underworld.


By Innocent Victim

To a certain group of senior officers of the Royal Malaysia Police, 11 January 2011 will be remembered as the darkest and most bitter moment in their police career.

That was when, without warning or any wrongdoings on their part, all of them from the anti-vice unit, commonly known as D7 in all the sixteen States of West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, were immediately removed and transferred to posts of which they had no experience.

Suddenly they were turned into sacrificial lambs to appease the greed of the Belial. Such transfer and en bloc removal of D7 officers in the police force is unprecedented. Some of the new postings these officers had to move to include the General Operations Force, the Police Mounted Unit, Federal Reserved Unit and the Marine Operations Force which are considered the ‘3 Ds’ of police work – ‘disgusting, dejected and disowned’. For no apparent reason too, some were transferred to the far corners of Sabah and Sarawak long considered as the dumping grounds for errant officers.

The transfer of these officers who were under the direct command of the CID Director, Bakri Zinin, were discretely and carefully planned without prior consultations with the latter, contrary to traditional practice and norm of any intended transfer of police officers. This is the typical imperious and dictatorial aspersion of the current leadership in the police force.

Earlier the CID Assistant Director of Anti Vice Division SAC Hasnan and his deputy ACP Sanusi were systematically removed from their respective posts and transferred to other departments in the Police Force. They were respectively replaced by SAC Abd. Jalil, the former OCPD of Ampang and ACP Zaki the former Dy. OCCI of Negeri Sembilan, both cronies of IGP Ismail Omar.

Following this all the staff officers in D7 Bukit Aman were similarly transferred out log stock and barrel. In effect the whole exercise virtually puts in place a complete list of new personalities in charge of anti vice at Bukit Aman level right down to the States and districts.

The anti-vice division of the Royal Malaysia Police is known to be responsible for investigating cases involving prostitution, illegal gambling, gangsterism and human trafficking where in most cases the emergency laws, i.e. the Emergency Ordinance and Restricted Residence Act are used to detain syndicate and gang members without trial. In response to a question by a reporter on this unusual transfer of D7 officers across the board, IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar retorted that ‘this is a normal transfer’. Ismail Omar’s response is ironical and feigns of his own hypocrisy behind the real reasons for the en bloc transfers of these displaced but experienced CID officers. His own action belied his words. It has been said that a hypocrite is a gilded pill, composed of two natural ingredients; natural dishonesty, and artificial dissimulation.  

The replacement of D7 officers with new faces comes as no surprise as this move has long been expected and well calculated when Ismail Omar took over as IGP.

On assuming the post of IGP that was orchestrated by members of the underworld/secret societies, Ismail Omar has to fulfil his obligations to the underground to replace the then existing D7 officers with fresh faces whom the underground is comfortable to work with to facilitate the operations of their illegal activities namely bookies, illegal lotteries, gaming machines, prostitution, drug trafficking, secret societies, smuggling and ahlongs.

Behind this wicked and heinous scheme is the ‘1 Malaysia syndicate’ led by Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan who is buddy to former IGP Norian Mai to bring the Police Force under their control, hence the underworld.

Coincidentally, Norian Mai and his wife Rokiah currently sit as directors in Ta Kan Yin’s companies. The Ta Kin Yan and Norian Mai relationship started as far back as the late seventies when Norian Mai was then the OCPD of Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Ta Kin Yan then was a brothel operator in the red light district of Brickfields. At that point of time Ta Kin Yan saw the ‘mesin kuda’ gambling trade was flourishing and soon after abandoned his brothel business to cash in on the gambling trade and became rich in no time. Ta Kin Yan then secured the exclusive rights to import the microchips and motherboard for these gambling machines and became the sole monopoly in the said industry.

However accumulation of his ill gotten wealth through these illegal activities did not seem to satisfy his self actualisation as his greed for dominant power and control over other people in positions of authority in the country was still out of his reach. So in order to be in the inner circle of those in power and authority, Ta Kin Yan enlisted himself in MCA and used his ill gotten assets to catapult him to the political fore.

Realising that Chua Soi Lek would emerge the victor as President of MCA in the last MCA Emergency General Meeting, he made substantial financial contributions to Chua Soi Lek for the latter to bribe delegates to assure him of votes to win in the three corner fight for the MCA Presidential post. This is how Ta Kin Yan earned his reputation as a good philanthropist by using his dirty money to buy power and positions including his ‘Tan Sri’ title. It is common knowledge that the last MCA presidential election was rigged with money politics and some of these contributions came from Ta Kin Yan.

Having confidently secured a political ally in MCA, one of the component parties in BN, Ta Kin Yan wrangled himself to be close to Hishamuddin Tun Hussin, the Home Minister; one of the most powerful cabinet posts in the government. Admittedly as stated by his supporter in the blog, Minister Hishamuddin ‘has found Ta Kin Yan to be helpful in assisting the police with intelligence on criminal activities’.

Ta Kin Yan’s next move was to ensure that his underground activities and the underworld would be well protected and the only way was to have control of the Police Force especially the D7 department. The claim that Ta Kin Yan is ‘helping Hishamuddin with intelligence on criminal activities’ is testimony that Ta Kin Yan himself is involved hand in glove with the underground and using his ‘linkages’ with Hishamuddin and the police to threaten other kingpins who dare oppose him.

It was reported earlier that Ta Kin Yan had consolidated his power and authority by unifying all the underground syndicates under his command and hence has become the ‘warlord’. Those who dissented are threatened with arrest and detention without trial under the emergency laws (EO) whose powers to detain or release are solely vested with the Home Minister Hishamuddin. (Besides the EO, the Home Minister is also vested with the power to detain or release a person under the Internal Security Act -ISA).

Being vested with all these legal powers, the Home Minister (Hishamuddin) is considered a powerful man in his own right and so are those who are close to him. Right is might, and might is right. Ta Kin Yan’s sublime and pretentious display of his close connection with the police top brass was shown when he hosted a ‘buka puasa’ do some time in August 2010, admittedly at the Hyatt Saujana, Shah Alam to celebrate the appointment and promotion of Ismail Omar as the new IGP. Besides Ta Kin Yan who was personally in attendance, amongst those present at the ‘buka puasa’ do were Norian Mai, DIG Hussin Ismail, SAC Wan Najmuddin, the special assistant to Hishamuddin Tun Hussin, Minister of Home Affairs, and the then CPO of Terengganu, Shukri Dahlan.

In the eyes of the men in the streets, one would be wondering why the new IGP and his Deputy along with other serving senior police officers and retired IGP would be sitting together over a ‘dinner’ with the underworld. It was obvious and as had earlier been speculated, they were discussing strategies to identify police officers whom they could trust and manipulate to protect their illegal activities. Some of the key posts in the Police that they identified as critical for their leverage are the Director of CID, State Police Chiefs, OCCIs, and D7 officers up to Bukit Aman level. This meeting was subsequently followed by another meeting in Cameron Highlands to further strategise on the placements of police officers in the various key critical posts throughout the country.

The second meeting was significantly attended by SAC Mohammad Ibrahim, who was then the Assistant Director of Establishment of the Police Management Department responsible for transfer and promotion in the police force.

This whole episode is strange, but true; for truth is always strange, as true enough both SAC Mohammad Ibrahim and Shukri Dahlan were soon compensated for being lackeys of Ta Kin Yan and promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police to become the CPOs of Kedah and Perak respectively. This ‘initiation ceremony’ has climaxed with the recent purge of D7 officers across the board and replaced with those who are seemingly alliance with Ta Kin Yan’s “1Malaysia” syndicate with Wan Najmuddin acting as prompter to remove officers seen as ‘hostile’ to them and replaced these officers with those who can play-ball with the syndicate.

This is reflected from the list of personalities that replaced the D7 officers. These officers were those who were either closed to Wan Najmuddin or who had once before worked in D7 when Wan Najmuddin was Superintendant D7 at Bukit Aman ten to fifteen years ago. Those who intended to appeal against the transfer were blatantly threatened with investigations for alleged corruption by the MACC for allegedly having been involved in corrupt practices. This threat reflects the apathy, mean and cruel attitude of the current leadership of the police force in caring for the welfare and needs of the officers without due regard to the problem faced by the family members who are sick, maimed or incapacitated and children who are sitting for important examinations at the end of the year. Therefore all the sacrifices made by officers have not been given due acknowledgement or recognition. To these officers it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

It is amusing to learn on the claim that Shukri Dahlan is known to be an independent minded officer who did not quite get along with Musa Hassan. On the contrary this is far from the truth. As a matter of fact Shukri Dahlan had opened up his own can of worms that exposed his illicit affair with his own female subordinate officer when he was the CPO of Terengganu. When a petition was sent to the IGP over his secret affairs with his own subordinate officer, Shukri Dahlan literally took refuge under his wife’s skirt and sent his wife to meet Musa Hassan to plead for his innocence. Of course who would one use to vouch for one’s innocence other than one’s own wife who is supposedly one’s most intimate and knows what the husband has been up to. Now, one would wonder how such a low moral police officer could be promoted to take charge of an establishment where the subordinate woman officers will always be at the peril of this sex predator.     

Some development on the transfer of officers within the police force since Ismail Omar took over as IGP six months ago tends to show that Ismail Omar is out on a vengeance against any police officers who are seen or suspected to be Musa Hassan’s men; and he would do anything to spite Musa Hassan by removing and replacing officers who had earlier been emplaced in critical police posts.  

His witch hunt had even sparked cynical remarks amongst fellow police officers with the saying: “Your friend is my friend, your enemies are my enemies and your friends’ enemies are my enemies”. By adopting such an antagonistic attitude Ismail Omar is only sowing the seed of distrust, suspicions and hostility amongst his own brother officers.

It would seem that Ismail Omar’s dignity has been overtaken by egotism. But he must remember that conceit may puff a man up, but never prop him up. Ismail Omar should not forget the proverb – cast no dirt into the well that gives you water. Perhaps one day by God’s Grace, he has to lick the very same water that he had sinned on people. Revenge, they say, is a kind of wild justice especially to the innocent victims but at the same time it is a confession of pain manifested by Ismail Omar himself.

This bitter resentment of Ismail Omar against Musa Hassan stemmed from the former’s earlier misplaced notions that Musa Hassan did not recommend him to take over as IGP.  Ismail Omar even sought a meeting with the secretary general of Home Affairs complaining about him being sidelined to take over as IGP so much so that he wept and cried in front of the KSU. This incident has earned him to be dubbed the ‘crying IGP’. One cannot imagine how a faint hearted person like Ismail Omar who is entrusted with taking charge of the country’s security can ever withstand any pressure in and during a national crisis-perhaps just weep and cry hoping the situation will sympathize with him.

Ismail Omar even went further to lobby Hishamuddin for the IGP post and on one occasion planned a visit to Australia to play golf with His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong hoping that His Majesty would recommend him for the post. It would appear Ismail Omar’s promotion was kindled by his crocodile tears rather than his competency and capabilities as IGP. He is likened to a child who would cry and throw a tantrum if he does not gets what he wants.

Even when Ismail Omar was the Deputy IGP, he was seen as a weakling, timid, incompetent and fragile. Being such an impotent leader and having his balls squeezed by Hishamuddin and Wan Najmuddin with Ta Kin Yan as the central fiddler, Ismail Omar had no choice but to ‘kow tow’ to what Wan Najmuddin proposed to him regarding transfer of officers. The transfer of officers were all schemed and prepared by Wan Najmuddin in full consultations with Ta Kin Yan and Norian Mai and merely endorsed by Hishamudin who had given free rein to Wan Najmuddin to do so as long as the Home Minister’s agenda are met.

Hishamuddin’s calculated move to control the police force had been well planned to ensure that his grand design to keep the police force under his thumb would be realized without much resistance. He knows very well that when he controls the police force, he would control all the information he wants as all the core police work on criminal investigations and the special branch would be within his grasp.

Having appointed Ismail Omar as the IGP, Hishammuddin also realized that the Deputy IGP must be someone who would be a ‘yes man’. At the same time he wanted to return a favour to the family who had saved him from falling from grace. As the Home Minister, he used his prerogatives to promote Hussin Ismail as the Deputy IGP instead of Bakeri Zinin who is more deserving and very much senior in rank to the latter. This is because Bakeri Zinin hails from Sabah and considered unfit for the Deputy IGP post. But come UMNO General Elections, Hishammuddin needs all the delegate votes from Sabah to retain his Vice Presidency and more importantly if he were to challenge Muhyiddin for the UMNO Deputy President post.

If the Sabahans realize the dirty politics of Hishamudin then they will have second opinions on Hishamuddin’s sincerity as an UMNO leader. The reason behind his choice of Hussin Ismail is well understood as Hishamuddin is obligated to Hussin Ismail’s mother who had helped to mediate and resolve Hishamuddin’s personal problem over the latter’s illicit affair with a lady from Muar, Johor. Hussin Ismail’s mother is an active wanita UMNO member in Muar Johor. If not for Hussin Ismail’s mother’s assistance, Hishammuddin would have plunged into a sex scandal and so too his political career. This is what Johor politicians, alongside Chuah Soi Lek, are good for: sexual exploits. But Hishammuddin seems not to learn from his past misdeeds as only recently his wife came to know of his infidelity when she discovered that he had bought a ring for his girlfriend.    

The Home Minister, Hishamuddin Tun Hussin saw Ismail Omar’s weaknesses as a strength and opportunity for him to harness. By having a submissive and timid IGP, Hishamuddin would be able to manipulate and control the police force according to his wicked agenda both for political purpose as well as financial gain. Other than SAC Wan Najmuddin, Hishammuddin has employed not less than thirty five other so called ‘special assistants’ to assist him in his grand design to realize his political ambitions of going up the UMNO leadership and eventually the Prime Minister’s post.

Only Hishammuddin is known to have the biggest number of ‘special assistants’ and the public knows that as a Cabinet Minister he cannot afford nor is entitled to that many assistants at the expense of tax payers money. It is obvious that these ‘assistants’ are on the payroll of Ta Kin Yan and the underworld. Some of these ‘special assistants’ are permanently ‘parked’ in the IGP’s office at Bukit Aman to monitor and ensure that the Home Minister’s hidden agenda with the underworld are being carried out without question. This includes providing protection and immunity to the syndicate members who are operating the illegal activities like gambling and extortions.

Why had they deliberately replaced D7 officers of their choice now needs no further explanations. The motives are crystal clear. The syndicates which are aligned with Ta Kin Yan are given assurance and guarantee that they will not be ‘disturbed’ by the police. At the onset of Ismail Omar becoming IGP, Ta Kan Yin had already by then sent out his tentacles to the underground to offer an outright buy over of the existing operations of ‘mesin kuda’ from their owners at a low price throughout the country and he has since succeeded to achieve this by arm twisting tactics. Those who declined were threatened with police harassment. As it is the gambling machines are starting to surface in most states like Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Penang. This contention is supported by the The Star news entitled “Illegal online gambling rife in Johor”.

The NKRA program which has been claimed to reduce crime is merely an eye wash to distract the public from the illegal activities of these syndicates. Though Hishammuddin as the Home Minister has bragged so much on the purported success of the NKRA, he seems to miss the real issue faced by the public who are going through feelings of insecurity and a sense of lack of safety. The public’s fear is not totally unfounded as this is not only evidenced from the increase of civilians engaging private guards to protect their properties and premises but also the daily reported instances of gruesome crimes being committed by secret societies where the victims’ arms were severely slashed merely over a simple robbery or extortion.

New Straits Times report dated 7 Feb 2011 entitled ‘Robbers nearly cut off man’s arms’ and earlier newspaper reports of similar incidents in Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are gruesome reminders of the real crime situation in the country. However, Hishammuddin and the police had always dismissed these incidents as isolated cases. But they know for a fact that crimes of this nature that are related to extortion and robbery are perpetrated by the secret societies and the ahlongs.

As a proactive measure to protect the public, in the past the police had arrested and detained many of these secret society members under the emergency laws for detention in Simpang Renggam, Johor or restrictions to other States, but only to be unconditionally released later by the Home Minister Hishamuddin who has the prerogatives under the law to do so. It is said that there is always a price to pay for freedom and the underground, as a syndicate, is willing to pay any price.

By having many so called ‘special assistants, some of them like Wan Najmuddin, act as mediators on behalf of the Home Minister to negotiate and secure the price of freedom for the detainees and the restricted residents, it is no wonder why so many secret society members, including the ahlongs who were previously detained by the police under the emergency laws had been released since Hishammuddin took over as Home Minister.

This is analogous to the police digging the well for Hishammuddin to drink water. These hardcore criminals are now backed on the streets to prey on members of the public and worst still are hunting down witnesses who had betrayed them for providing information to the police on their criminal activities. So you cannot blame members of the public for not cooperating with the police. This explains the rampant incidents of serious crimes being committed daily. (New Straits Times report on page 11, dtd 8/2/11-‘Snatch thief victim in coma dies’, ‘Fighting for her life after rape, assault’.) 

Hishammuddin does not only control the illegal activities carried out by the underground, but since becoming Home Minister he also wants to take over control of the legitimate businesses relating to work tenders under the purview of his Ministry. Fair and equitable bids for quotations for contract work under the Home Ministry is no longer the order of the day. All contract works are seized by Hishamuddin and awarded outright to his cronies and some to his ‘special assistants’ regardless whether they are qualified or competent to undertake the contract work. A case in point is the contract in maintaining the upkeep of the Senior Officers Police College, Cheras, that was awarded to a lady who had no previous experience or record work in such area. Ever since after having awarded the contract, the said lady had yet been able to commence work. But on the other hand, only Hishammuddin can affirm that she has personally fulfilled some of the implied terms of the contract due to him – his lust.


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