Two Old Minds

Posted on behalf of Sangar Arumugam 14th April 2011

A few days ago a friend of mine visited me, after a long time. As my grandchildren were making a lot of noise, we were unable to converse freely without interruption. So to talk freely, we decided to go for tea at the nearest tea stall which was only a calling distance away where we could enjoy some privacy.

I ordered a cup of tea and as usual he ordered a cup of coffee. Although we do not agree with each other, even on taste, we have been the thickest of friends for a very long time. Our friendship stands strong because we have never failed to openly discuss and come to an understanding on issues raised. There is a saying that two people do not think alike. It is true only if they fail to sit and discuss and come to an understanding and amicably settle the issue in a win-win manner.

Well Sangar, what shall we talk about today as we have never had an opportunity to argue and come to a compromise. Our arguments have always been on issues which will provoke new thoughts.

Study his background and you will be amazed to find he was nothing but a layman like you and I. Look at him now; he is a multi-multi millionaire. A politician is supposed to be working for the welfare of the people. He was supposed to be honest and trustworthy. But is he?

Well, well Sangar, hold on. Don’t condemn all politicians. I know a few politicians who have lost their wealth, or have reduced their wealth in serving their people.

Ah … there you are, so you agree that only a few have lost or spent their wealth. Thereby you are admitting that the majority of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Believe me, Sangar, such accusation can only be true to countries which acquired freedom from foreigners who ruled the country and it does not apply to most of the independent countries voted by the public.

I can’t figure out what you mean, could you please explain to me, Samy.

You see Sangar, the countries which were ruled by foreigners gave independence only after the local leaders fought for it. The local leaders who fought for freedom were not ordinary men on the street. They were the super rich, belonging to the higher society of people who did not want to bow to the colonial supremacy and rule.

Well Samy, I have come to the conclusion that everyone especially the so-called educated ones are all liars. To tell you the truth, politicians are the worst liars because these are the fellows who lie to the public, knowing very well they are lying. The public blindly believe these lies without analyzing their background. Can you tell me one top ranked politician who is poor?

But those who supported and followed the leaders were just ordinary people without much foundation. But when the original leaders retired or left, the followers took over the leadership. Since then slowly but surely corruption started from the leadership of these people.

You are perfectly correct, Samy, you know there is a saying that “power that corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and followed by another saying that “you can cheat all the people for some of the time, some people all of the time and not all the people all the time”. If the leaders are sincere and trustworthy and keep their pledge and oath they took, they do not have to fear any opposition parties because the people are the ones who decide. Unless there is something wrong in the administration of the country, there is no way any opposition parties will take over or will there be any uprising of the people.

Well said Sangar, you are perfectly right and I am sure that everyone will agree with what we have discussed about. Well it is getting late and we shall meet again shortly to exchange our views on party hoppers. Until then bye-bye.