The March to Putrajaya

The Opposition has not lived up to its promises of change. This time round the Opposition doesn’t stand a chance. The Opposition is too weak to put up a fight.

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Let us face reality. The 13th general election is around the corner. Barisan Nasional is going to win this election. Everything points to a big BN win. This win will also put to rest any notions that BN is not fit to rule. The majority will ensure that BN gets the mandate.

The last general election was a freak coincidence, which happens once every 50 years. UMNO, the strongest party in the 13 party coalition, had to virtually bail out the rest. And a weak BN, has allowed the Opposition to thrive. UMNO continues to back MCA, MIC and Gerakan, even though they have lost most of their seats to the Opposition.

The Opposition has not lived up to its promises of change. This time round the Opposition doesn’t stand a chance. The Opposition is too weak to put up a fight. This loosely knitted coalition is at odds with each other, and lately there is talk of a walkover in Merlimau unless PAS give up the seat to PKR.

After this election, the PR coalition will fizzle out. BN will get to rule again, with impartiality, and without fear or favour.

The Opposition also seems to be misbehaving lately. Their Alternative Media seems to be dominating Pro BN blogs overshadowing them by 10 to 1. The amount of filth churned out daily against the ruling coalition, makes it hard to stomach. Luckily BN still control the Main Stream Media which helps to counter misperception of BN.

The Opposition continues to hurl insults, and slander UMNO with impunity, with untruths and half truths, and charges of corruption without shreds of evidence or concrete proof. It is a wonder that UMNO still keeps its cool and did not resort to making Police reports, or to charge them under the ISA. They say that BN doesn’t play fair. But BN has gone through 12 elections with a mandate to rule. The majority of Malaysians still vote BN. How fair can it get?

UMNO has been the butt of jokes lately, criticized for unsinkable submarines, and figher jets without engines, hurled with abuses, and branded as racists. Even our beloved Prime Minister was not spared the abuse, being called all kind of names, and yet everyday he stoically faced the world, and strived on with the unenviable task of ruling this great nation. And yet we still complain that there is no press freedom, or Freedom of Speech. They accuse Utusan, and  TUN DR M as spin doctors, yet what they have spunned on the Alternative Media, has resulted in non Malays being highly critical and racially discriminating the Malays.

The Alternative Media has made a mockery of press freedom, with our Ministers being accused of rape, and our First Lady being relentlessly crucified in the Alternative Press., … and we do not even know her in person. How inhuman can we be, we think of ourselves as a member of the human race, thoughtful, honest and intelligent, yet on the net we show our true colours, by lashing out with all kinds of unkind racist remarks on personalities, that we never really know or never met.

UMNO has been castigated for championing Malay Rights…. but why is it so wrong for UMNO to champion Malay Rights? UMNO has fought for Special Rights for the Malays for half a century….albeit with resistance from the Non Malays. UMNO sees no reason to back down. With the help of BTN, to nurture nationalism and civic duty to the Malays and Bumiputras, thus ensuring a continued vote bank, for future generations and Malay Domination.

UMNO doesn’t care for the feelings of Non Malays, or whether they think it is fair. Who says life is fair? Try asking a blind man or a beggar whether life is fair.

The Chinese and Indians, has no right to question Malay Special Rights. If they think they are entitled to Special Rights, they should ask their own leaders representing them, why they were not accorded Special Rights in the first place. What have their Leaders done to ensure that the Non Malays are not left out in this equation? Did your leaders think that there wasn’t a need for you to be so special than the Malay? Don’t blame UMNO. Blame your own leaders.

And who says that the Non Malays do not enjoy special rights? UMNO has been fighting hard on your behalf to ensure that your Rights are not trampled upon. It has restrained other religious groups from implementing Talibanistic and Puritanical reforms from getting a foothold in this country. All the Watering Holes, Entertainment Outlets, Nightclubs, Discos and Pubs, Spas and Health Centres proliferating in the main cities and Towns are testament to UMNO protecting the Rights of the Non Malays. While the Non Malays party away the whole night long, the Malays are at home watching reruns of Hawaii 5 0 on Astro. PAS moral squads are lurking in the dark catching sinners, and PKR is still bickering about who gets to be Chief Minister of Sarawak.

UMNO as always will win big. It will always be big brother to MCA and MIC, unless these two parties can regain their former support and get some decent respect. Or else they will just wither away like Gerakan.

The PR coalition with its flip flopping, DAP’s failure to retain and govern Perak because of a Toyota Camry. PAS still having issues with Valentine’s Day and PKR’s amphibious antics and surefire strategies of winning 25 of 30 seats, it is contesting in Sarawak. What a bunch of …………….!!!! I wouldn’t trust them with my kids.

What about the Third Force? MCLM’s 30 candidates will add flavour to a generally One Sided General Election. And if they win some seats, we will see a better future for Politics in this country. I may just give them my vote, after all BN is going to win big, no matter what. If any of you out there thinks you can make a difference, please get up and show BN who is boss.

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