Once again, our Perkasa has exposed more scandals and acts of treason against PKR, particularly its leader Anwar who must have really pissed them off for reasons best know.

The latest as reported in online news reports here is this defect-o leaders being charge for rear activities is planning a backdoor exit, ie. plans to flee if convicted of his behind the scene activities. If the scheme is true, it would certainly make for good Bolehlandwood or Bollywood material! And local film makers will be instantly granted the film incentives if they propose to make a drama series out of it!!!

And to reinforce the truth of their allegation our mother of all police reports filing party has of course made a police report. Given the police swift action on Perkasa’s previous filing, it is only a matter of seconds the police resources will be deployed to give full attention to this ‘treason’ act!

One wonders if Perkasa has an office in the Bukit Aman solely to file police reports. After all they have so much evidence at their disposal they do need a unit to do this, no?

The reliable sources it seems are from the PKR itself. Now that would certainly make it all the more credible right? Who they are, Perkasa is not about to disclose and this is not that they abide by any journalism code. Come to think of it, they don’t have any journalistic flair in them either.

Seems the police has asked them not to reveal the plans. But if you want to really catch and embarrass him, isn’t it better not to reveal it and catch him with his pants down trying to do a backdoor exit eh?

Noone except Perkasa knows the reason for this sudden Wicked-Perkasa-Leaks against PKR and its leader. Has it got to do with events in the Egypt or maybe Pakistan? And our Perkasa fellos want to ride the tide of people’s power to remove leaders who were once thought to be invincible and untouchable.

Speaking of which, our BolehLand leaders have always boasted about the greatness of BolehLand’s democracy, rule of law, justice system and all that and look down on supposedly third world nation who are terrorist invested compared to BolehLand the land of the holy and holier than thou.

In Pakistan, they dare to issue a warrant of arrest to their former leader implicating him in the assassination of former PM Benazir Bhutto. Perhaps the events in the Middle East may have an effect on the conscience of governments in the region. Bahrain turned charitable giving money to its citizens and promise to relax things. Iran, well showed its hypocritical self by supporting the people power while clobbering their own last year!

And in BolehLand, perhaps Perkasa seemed to want to take over the vacuum with the fall of the modern Pharaoh in Egypt and be the new Pharaoh of BolehLand, bearing the title Ketuanan of BolehLand.

Their latest revelation seem to imply they have better intelligence gathering and more reliable than our own SB and intelligence fellos! The Peace Hill bois must surely try and learn a thing or two from Perkasa in intelligence gathering particularly if they want to ensure the PKR, Pakatan and those who have plans to take over the next government are thwarted with revelation of treason, escape, and internal conflicts in these opponents.

If, as reported, “according to his sources, Anwar would escape with the assistance of the Turkish, Australian and the US governments should he be convicted,” 1Malaysia and Wisma Putra must act quickly and call in the ambassadors to explain themselves and expel them if it is true. How dare they interfere in our sovereignty and question our exemplary model Islamic nation and good government, right?

If the allegation is true, will we see Perkasa and UMNO members since Perkasa is considered the a ‘wing’ of UMNO with majority members from UMN, going to hold demonstrations soon and march to these embassies with effigy burnings of their ‘traitor anwar’ and the head of state of these nations involved in the escape bid?