‘MIC Youth practises caste politics’

By B Nantha Kumar, Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Just a few days after branding MIC Youth chief T Mohan as a dictator, former MIC Youth public complaints unit head R Ramanan today claimed that the former also practised caste politics in the movement.

The businessman-turned-politician alleged that the party Youth wing has suffered tremendously after Mohan took over as its head a few years ago.

” I can give a simple example of Mohan’s caste-based politics. He has ran numerous programmes and invited only leaders of his own caste. As far as I know, he did not even invite the party president (G Palanivel) to any Youth functions as the guest of honour.”

“I believe that Palanivel was not invited because he is not the same caste as Mohan. I challenge him and the Youth wing to answer this… why didn’t they invite Palanivel to any functions? Can they answer this question?” he told FMT.

He claimed that Mohan had some Youth leaders in the national exco line-up from other castes because these leaders were “Mohan cronies”.

Ramanan was removed as the MIC Youth public complaints unit head early this month, through a letter signed by Mohan.

The letter furnished to FMT by Ramanan stated that he was relieved of his duties as part of the restructuring process in the Youth wing’s national bureaus and unit teams.

‘Ramanan a liar’

Early this week, Ramanan branded Mohan as a dictator while the latter revealed that Ramanan was replaced after he was found to be under-performing in his capacity as the public complaints unit head.