‘Anwar plans to flee if convicted’

Perkasa claims it has detailed information about the alleged escape plan, which involves the Turkish, Australian and US governments.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Perkasa claims that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is making plans to flee Malaysia in order to escape a prison sentence in relation to his Sodomy II trial.

The movement’s Youth chief Arman Arza Abu Hanifa said that he was informed of this by those in PKR, the party which Anwar helms.

According to his sources, Anwar would escape with the assistance of the Turkish, Australian and the US governments should he be convicted.

The former deputy prime minister is known to have close relations with the three governments whose leaders have expressed support and demanded a fair trial for Anwar.

Arman further claimed that logistics arrangements have been made for the opposition leader to flee and and ways have been planned for him to be “smuggled out” of Malaysia.

“We demand that the Home Ministry confiscate his passport to prevent him from fleeing,” he told reporters after lodging a report on the matter at the Dang Wangi police headquarters here.

The Perkasa leader also said that Anwar is planning to organise mass demonstrations “ala Thailand and Egypt” which would threaten national security.

No details were given on the escape plan although Arman said he has in his possession detailed information.

“The police have told us not to inform reporters of the plan,” he said when quizzed by reporters.

‘Self-inflicted car accident’

He also claimed to have received leaked information about a plan for “a self-inflicted car accident” in a bid instigate the electorate.

The meeting to plan the car accident was held by Pakatan Rakyat leaders on Feb 2 this year, he alleged.

“Why does he want to do this? Is this a propaganda by Anwar to get sympathy? To incite hatred towards the government?” he asked.