MCA and Gerakan COWARDS!

By Hikayat Puteri Kemuning

I am referring to the ‘statement’ by Vice President and Deputy President from MCA and Gerakan respectively.

Obviously the two BN members are somewhat hurt by the ongoing Ketuanan Melayu concept being propagated by UMNO and its leaders. 
Like clutching at straws they try to deny the obvious. UMNO are a bunch of bigoted racists. They are sick to the teeth. They all know that. They say among themselves behind their backs, in the Central Committee Meetings, in their internal discussions, they mention it during team rebuilding programmes (especially after the trouncing in 2008). BUT THEY NEVER SAY IT IN THE OPEN.

It is not a secret that UMNO is promoting Malay supremacy and that other races are subservient to them, and that whatever Mahathir is saying is actually and in fact, what is being propagated and understood by all UMNO members. And that 1Malaysia is nothing but a smokescreen to allow the non-Malays to think that ‘there is some hope’ to cling to despite the chivalrous but racist UMNO policy.

When people like me question their honesty and intention in ‘publicly reprimanding’ Mahathir today (; MCA and Gerakan has to answer as to why their respective no. 2 are called to comment and not the party leaders themselves.
The answer is simple.