Demons and “Angels’…PKR style

Putt for Change

The hopes and aspirations for change were shattered by political demons, well orchestrated, but beyond comprehension. Then again, was Satan ever honest? The people with the highest level of tolerance from the Land Below The Wind, were once again hypnotized by arrogance of the highest order, by political players across the South China Sea, Semananjung Malaysia.

Ironically these remorseless characters had full assistance from hungry prowlers who would lick the toes of anyone, as long as their objectives are met. And these are the very morons, the people are expected to vote come the 13th General Elections. The leadership crisis in Sabah PKR has a lot to do with their egoistical, eccentric, selfish, greedy and arrogant attitude. The leadership in Sabah PKR and its Central Leadership are not getting their act together — they have never been able to! They are just as arrogant as UMNO or ignorant.

The chapter began in July 2009,when Azmin Ali (currently Deputy President of PKR) was appointed as the “Interim State Chief “of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah. Along with him, he brought along loads of money to fund 25 cabang activities for the party. It brought smiles to all the cabang chiefs, as they hail and exalted him like a messiah send by God. In a short span of 3 months, when funds were exhausted, all hell broke loose. From the man that was hailed as a messiah, he was crucified by the Pontius Pilots of PKR Sabah and branded as “Orang Malaya”.

A revolt was then executed by 18 rebels (cabang chiefs) headed by none other than self proclaimed “Huguan Siou” (Paramount Leader) of PKR Sabah, in the name of Jeffery Kitingan. A high level meeting was convened, with the sole objective of ousting Azmin Ali out and to be replaced by a Sabahan. To cut this boring story short, a Sabahan was subsequently appointed in the name of Thamrin Hj.Jaini, in November 2009. In the 14 months of Thamrin’s tenure as the State Chief, he spoke often with a forked tongue, and amazingly with a Chinese slang. Was Kong Hong Ming his mentor & spokesman or the “invisible” state chief?

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff. For all intents and purposes, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, sent shock waves to the entire country with speculation of an early election. My sources from Putrajaya have indicated that all leave for Federal officers have been completely frozen for the month of June 2011.With elections in mind, PKR Sabah moved into high gear, ironically not for all the right reasons. Sabah PKR was about to see a new state chief emerging. With Ansari Abdullah and Thamrin Jaini, as the key players for the job, the architects and engineers from both sides began their onslaught. This was winner takes all.

Torpedoes were fired by both camps and it was evident, neither was prepared to lose. Deals beyond comprehension were made, all in the name of “Politics”, as pathetic as it was, no one was prepared to give way. Cabang Chiefs were asked to sign letters of support and some did so with conditions. The demons were at work and God was not a name they were familiar with. Again for all intent and purposes, the President decided otherwise and a new face was named as the State Chief of Sabah. His name, Ustaz Pajudin Nordin.

Ustaz Pajudin Nordin will go down in history as the shortest state chief of Sabah PKR,3 weeks to be precise. Again to cut the story short, read more on the events that transpired at But let’s take a closer look at what really transpired, so as, not to crucify this innocent. Pajudin was an ordinary kampong man that led a humble life. He was with PKR for 12 years, a party reformist, was an exco member of the party’s youth wing and deputy youth chief of the state.

This story is getting very ‘cheong hei’ so let’s cut the crab and get down to the crux of the story. Contrary to what many may perceive, politics is never dirty, it’s the dirty politicians who make politics dirty. True as it was, all it took was one know-it-all-mama, Vice-President Fuziah Salleh, along with 5 party stalwarts from Sabah to convince party President in a meeting that took place at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on the 26th .January 2011,to reverse her decision on Pajudin’s appointment.

Fuziah Salleh subsequently set sail, boarded an aircraft, bound for Kota Kinabalu to execute a plan to oust Pajudin. In a sms sent by her to a cabang chief – in the event all plans failed ‘then I will go back to Semananjung and leave the Sabahan to kill each other”. Is this the CHANGE that PKR is talking so much about? Fuziah Salleh should be reprimanded for her unacceptable actions and hauled up for disciplinary action. If a Presidential decision cannot hold water, why have a President or is the President just a mere puppet?

All said and done, Pajudin was informed 2 days before his departure from the party, that he was going to be “terminated” as the state chief. A man’s pride was robbed, by overzealous demons craving for power. Their action is unforgivable. These political demons, having no remorse for an innocent man, gladly signed his death warrant and unceremoniously threw him into the arms of waiting wolves, hence ending his political career.

Unlike Zaid Ibrahim and Jeffery Kitingan who left PKR, without a bang, Pajudin left PKR in style. While PKR stripped him naked, though having done no wrong, Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman gladly accepted Pajudin into UMNO. Did Pajudin really deserve such treatment and crucifixion from PKR? With Pajudin gone, the party President and a high powered team of “Yang Berhormats” from Kuala Lumpur arrived on the 6th.Feb.2011, with big plans to resolve the problems created within, in short, to lick their own lost pride. They knew what they did was wrong.