Earth, Soil and Land


While everyone is trying to make a life and find a home and place in BolehLand, it seems there are others who wish to remind everyone whose earth, soil and land they are upon.

So when ole TM starts to remind everyone, for reasons best known to him that ‘Malaysia is Tanah Melayu’, as reported here, those who don’t think themselves belonging to the “Melayu” race, as Constitutionally defined, will feel uneasy whether they are citizens at all as Constitutionally defined!

One isn’t sure what the ole fello is trying to say coherently. Isn’t this treading on very sensitive areas? In modern times, he is reviving a familiar pure Aryan race tone that became the obsession of a fello name Hitler.

So it is Tanah Melayu according to him. What’s the reason? Simple, that it belongs to this one race associated with the name and by virtue of its ‘rightful’ owner, he has the first or rather the only legitimate right to hold political power, be given rights and privileges in perpetuity huh?

Wonder if ole sage is supportive of China’s claim over Tibet huh that it is tongsan territory too?

So what does it make those who are not related to this ‘Melayu’ name? That it is ok to remind them they are ‘pendatang’ or migrant? If he is very convinced as a matter of fact that this is Tanah Melayu (his and UMNO’s version perhaps?), then he should have no qualms to tell the Chinese and Indians and all those not the ‘Melayu’ stock either by DNA or Constitutionally conferred that they are ‘pendatang’ right?

Why call it Tanah Melayu then ask everyone to think Bangsa Malaysia first before race?

“This country belongs to the Malay race. Peninsular Malaysia was known as Tanah Melayu but this cannot be said because it will be considered racist.
“We must be sincere and accept that the country is Tanah Melayu,”
Non-Malays must accept the concept of “Bangsa Malaysia” (Malaysian nation) to help strengthen national unity.
Communities must place country before race and identify themselves as Malaysians.
If the communities continue to identify themselves according to the country of origin then it is an admission that they are immigrants in the country.
All races must accept that they are from “Bangsa Malaysia” to allow better co-operation from the different races and guarantee the future of the country.
Malays will feel less threatened if the country adopts the concept of “Bangsa Malaysia”.

So if country comes first before race, can he as a veteran and supposedly influential leader start the process of dismantling race based party? BN already has an advantage. Amalgamated all the coalition party into one and stop playing a R&R game, that is, ‘Race and Rule’ game strategy.

The non Melayu knows they cannot identify themselves along race lines and even if they want to be called Malaysian they still need to follow official government mandated practice of filling in race for everything under the sun. Even if they voted for BN, their supposedly secret votes is being dissected and branded as a Chinese or Indian vote!

So who should be blamed for perpetuating and institutionalising racism in the country?

Even the history lesson is a stark example of how race is being used and manipulated to ensure political survival remains. The other BN, ala UMNO strategy is to constantly remind how ‘poor’, ‘backward’ ‘mediocre’ ‘lazy’ ‘weak’ and all those negativity are heaped upon the race to build up a consciousness in their psyche that they are ‘economically weak and a dependent lot’, is that so?

Which is a clever ploy to make them believe they are born handicaps with a ‘crutch mentality’ and that UMNO and BN are their saviour nursing them to health by perpetuating a ‘silver spoon’ economic policy to ensure their political survival.

As if such humiliation is not enough, the next effective weapon is to paint an ‘external threat’ from within scenario, of the other races supposedly ‘economic power’ that is causing them to remain poor and not earning high income or enjoy the many luxuries that the Chinese are enjoying or perhaps the elected politicians are enjoying, no?

And when there are Malays who feel insulted by such negativism and do not subscribe to these chauvinist attitudes and choose to rise above race based politics, they are branded as traitors and ungrateful and destroying their own kind.

While the Chinese takes pride in having made it against such odds and feel proud they have brought honour to themselves and their parents, they feel victimised they are made scapegoats for the ‘weakness’ and by politicians and their cohort NGOs for their own selfish political agenda.

Should not we rejoice for anyone who wants to stand proud and shout out his successes, whether by his own efforts or assisted along? Doesn’t it occur to us that statistics are churned our to show successes of one race as denying others. Why can’t we rejoice at each other’s achievements than to cast suspicion they were achieved by depriving or manipulation or exploiting another race?

Doesn’t it occur to us that statistics showing ‘failures, huge gaps and voids, disparity percentage values’ are always churned out for one or two particular race to justify unfair policies?

Why are we made to believe in such statistics and that success and failure is seen along racist lines only?

Is not anyone or race proud that his successes are made known and shared? I always remind my Malay colleagues that they are much better off than me given that they have better promotional prospects, cheaper home, shares readily available and many more privileges. Their kids have better scholarship chances in almost everything! And yet still want to compare? And we are of the same salary!

If they don’t make use of man or rather UMNO’s given privileges, they got noone to blame but themselves. And don’t they ever blame a Chinaman for their supposedly ‘poverty’ becoz their own kind is ruling and holding taxpayer’s money including mine and spending billions supposedly to right a wrong? Who created that wrong is never highlighted! Enough said right?

Even if you say you are Malaysian, you are reminded of your race first in everything you do in BolehLand. Why has it come to this?

Is ole Tun aware he was the one who contributed to everyone being racist these days! And our sympathy to 1Malaysia for trying to undo all the tangles created the last 30 years!

And what’s the point of using other nation’s leaders to compare they look upon nation first before ethnicity?