If the Tun is right….

Will you finally be happy if all the non-Malays left the Tanah Melayu or jumped off the cliff?

By J. D. Lovrenciear

The rakyat’s outrage at the former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent remarks about Malay rights verses the non-Malays position is overwhelming. And it is understandable.

Not only have the non-Malays expressed their disgust but even the very Malays whom the Tun Dr attempted to defend are irked.

On the same token, if a non-Malay citizen or even a Malay from the ‘opposition’ party frontier had made similar calls, the eventuality is predictable. He or she would have been arrested under the ISA for inciting racial unrest.

But the Tun is above such dire consequences. And so, he must be right. As such the following shall ensue:

Yes, Malaysia is a Tanah Melayu. It belongs to the Malays. Likewise every other country will lay claim that their land belongs to them. And eventually the planet earth belongs to man. Ultimately it means that the Almighty Creator has no place nor claim to earth, let alone that tiny piece of land that rises above the waters of the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

If the non-Malays cannot accept that Malaysia belongs to the Malays then they can go. If they do not have the means to go away to a country that they can claim belongs to them, they must shut up for good and take what comes as charity. If they cannot afford to take flight and cannot subject themselves, then either they go jump off the cliff or the law will come after them for being a nuisance to nation building.

Now, there is one question for the Tun and all those who will rise to uphold his stance:

Will you finally be happy if:

– All the non-Malays left the Tanah Melayu or jumped off the cliff?

– All the Malays who stand on the ‘opposition’ camps are put in jail for not fighting for the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ principle?

– All the Malay leaders who oppose UMNO are classified as traitors and incarcerated under the ISA?

– That the only political party that ever remains is UMNO?

Tun oh Tun, why are you doing so much damage to this land called Malaysia which was only loaned to us mortals to use to prepare ourselves for the next life? Why have you downgraded your status to such a base, low, centred on raw racism and at this last stage of your lifetime? What is it that you really want finally?

What really is your death wish? That we Malaysians go down in world history as the 21st Century version of Hitlerism?

Perhaps the time has come that Malaysians of all faiths should start holding prayer vigils for the Tun’s soul. May the heavens have mercy on this man.