MM vs MM

By batsman

Trust TDM to come up with a side whack on the PR. It just dawned on me that TDM’s quarrels with Minister Mentor Lee is most likely driven by a real dark motive and is not just expending hot gas.

It came just before the Tenang by-elections and is continuing into the Merlimau by-elections. I think the champion ultra nationalist ex-PM is using confederate MM Lee to raise the nationalist heckles of the Malays for elections purposes. Whether MM Lee went along fully cooperating or was manipulated by TDM is anybody’s guess. 

From the comments to news reports in MT and other sites, it appears that super chauvinists were also fooled to help raise the heckles of Malay nationalism. Dumb asses got fooled by TDM again. They got fooled in the past and will continue to get fooled in the future. This is almost a guarantee. 

So all those who whacked TDM and praised MM Lee or praised Singapore lost PR the Tenang by-elections. The corollary is that TDM won the Tenang by-elections for BN single handedly. 

Heeheeheee all round. 

Hopefully people will wise up before the Merlimau by-elections.