Beggars and Prostitutes

Written by John Doe

UMNO HATES their original lineage !! They deny that they are the end-Product of Dravidoid and Mongoloid marriage. UMNO openly calls their own ancestors Beggars and Prostitutes !! The Hang Li Poh Story announces their Mongoloid ancestry. The Queens of the Malaccan Sultanate were Tamil Muslims. The Austronesoid DNA comprises of Mongoloid DNA and Dravidoid DNA. Hundreds of conclusive tests have been done. And for those who contest this, let’s not forget that UMNO wants to prosecute Anwar with DNA, and indeed they have done so before. So, why is it unacceptable to study and understand how the Austronesoid DNA is the end product of the Dravidoid and the Mongoloid?

Please read here for a vast selection of University tests to better understand these DNA tests. Observe that no two tests contradict each other, despite being carried out by various Universities from the world over. In fact, Cambridge University has done extensive tests and have mapped out the Genome paths. So has National Geographic.
Going back to the inferiority complex. Chua Soi Lek aka “Pornstar” does not seem to have problems with “Prostitutes”. Neither does MCA, nor does UMNO. Because they would have shut down the entire Racist Group already, if they had been so opposed to the idea. Why not also shut down “Club De’Vegas” or “D’Boss” in Kuala Lumpy-Dumpy as well?
For UMNO to call her own ancestry Prostitutes and Beggars is indeed strange. Is UMNO so Pariah that they have to create this “illusion” to lie to themselves that they are indeed what they are? Instead creating Mental-Masturbation Slogans like “Ketuanan Melayu” to pretend that their ancestry is one not of Beggars and Prostitutes? Maybe they found out something about Hang Li Poh? Maybe they found out that she was indeed a “Cheap Prostitute” whom Emperor Yong Le sent to screw Parameswara. And from the loins of this Cheap Prostitute comes forth the “Prostitutional Monarchy of Malaysia”. Are you happy now? How terribly have you insulted the Sultans of this country !! The same applies for the Beggar Tamil Muslim Queens of the Malaccan Sultanate. The Sultans of Malacca decides to screw some cheap Beggar Tamil Whore to bear the “Great Malaccan Royal Line”. The same ones whom you now prostrate yourselves to and bleat “Ampun Tuanku”. Royal Ancestry comprises of Beggars and Prostitutes, because of what unashamedly you said in public !! Bravo !!! Subarashi Desho?!?!
What are you going to call Mahathir now? Budak Keling? Sure !! Why now, and not when he was Prime Minister? Oh, but you did !! And yet, you kissed his hand, and still continue to lick his shoes whenever you wanted a contract or two.
UMNO !! What is WRONG with you? Are you so inbred that you cannot speak logically anymore? Mahathir openly called you inbred in his book “The Malay Delima”. In fact, he did it right on page ONE !! So not only are you inbred, but you are “Pariah Inbred Children of Prostitutes and Beggars” PICPB should then be your new Acronym to replace UMNO. Or, if you still wish to continue to stay united, then you could call your organization, UPICPBNO; to mean “United Pariah Inbred Children of Prostitutes and Beggars National Organization”. You might even get a Tax rebate if you registered as an NGO, or Charity Organization instead.
With all the chaos that you have created, with all the crimes against the people’s of Malaysia that you have committed, one seriously wonders why they have not taken to the streets to riot, and take over the government like how the Thais did to Thaksin !! Maybe Malaysians are too weak-minded… Maybe they are too Timid… or Maybe they just don’t care… 
In that case, long live “United Pariah Inbred Children of Prostitutes and Beggars National Organization”. That is because you will rule Malaysia for the next Millennia !!