Azmin Calls Tun Mahathir ‘Penderhaka’

by Haider Yutim, Malaysian Digest

SHAH ALAM, 24 JANUARY, 2011: Bukit Antarabangsa State Assemblyman and PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali today labelled former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir as ‘penderhaka’ and  Umno as traitor and ‘penderhaka’ as well.

He said this during an emergency sitting at Selangor State Assembly today.

Azmin referred back to the year 1993 where the power of the rulers were amended.

During that time, he said Umno has transferred the immunity of the Malays rulers to the Prime Minister or ‘Mamak Bendahara’ as labelled by Azmin and the executives.

He also questioned on why there were no police reports when a statement against the rulers was made by a Perak MP as reported by Berita Harian on 19 January 1993.