Tower of Babble

By John Doe

Kedah is the 5th smallest state by land area and 5th least populated state in Malaysia, with a total land area and population of 9,426 km2 and 1,818,188 respectively. Economically, it trails behind most states. Infrastructure-wise, it is severely lacking, and indeed in great need of intellectual dexterity. The choice to build the Eiffel Tower is part of the fastidious and inexorable attempt to allow for a juxtaposition and remind the citizens of the chasm between UMNO and the people.

Does one think that this minutiae phallic symbol is sufficient to overcome the modicum education of those living in Kedah? So WHAT exactly is the putative benefit of such a Copycat structure? Proof beyond reasonable doubt that Malaysians are True-Blue Lanun’s? I submit to you that the assemblage of this ephemeral pile of rust, is clearly representative of an ignominious braggart. A person lacking substance. A society so so wanton, willing to sacrifice its limited resources to wasteful and hideous monstrosities. The very fact that your erected leaders can make such a proposal should sound a clear message to you, that all they want, is to quagmire the National Wealth for personal gains. So, this will generate jobs? Are you certain? For whom then? The hand-holding Bangalas we meet, or the Indonesian workers who steal our shoes? Which farmer in Kedah will benefit from this?
Able to take 50 Viewers at a time, is entrance to this place free of charge? Does the Restaurant at it’s pinnacle give out free food? If so, then I submit to you that it might be worthwhile. But then, why build a RM10Million structure to give out free food? Why not just give out RM10Million of Free food, and have it delivered? Inadvertently, Malaysia has become a Nation so execrable, that it has to resort to the contiguous building of non-useful structures, as if in a desperate bid to mask the hardships of daily living.
Why then, is it always the least fortunate who bear the brunt of the imperious frivolity? As if to add tangential insult to injury, chasing the illusory “Ketuanan”, is tantamount to a Doctrinaire of Self-Degradation. Have some respect. Do not promulgate fastidious spendthriftness. Invest in education instead. The young are surreptitiously starving mentally, and I speak with temerity.
Choose Education over the virulent unconscionable.