Wikileaks made simple

A new cablegate browser is now available at

The website presents all WikiLeaks cables in a nicely formatted table making browsing the cables much easier compared to looking them up at the primary WikiLeaks page at

Listed below are the features currently available to readers on the website:

+ Instant full-text search support to search cables with your entered keywords

+ Follow to get update when new/updated cables are released
+ Setup alert to receive email when cables with your keywords are released
+ Access latest or updated cables
+ Access all revisions of a cable
+ Post your comment on the cables
+ In sync with cables from
+ Facebook teaser app is available at
+ More to come in the pipeline!

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Recent Quotes:

“WikiLeaks cable that sparked riots in Tunisia,

“To get WikiLeaks cables related to Tunisia, see

“You can also search cables, e.g.

“Setup email alert now at with keyword ‘bank’ or ‘swiss’ to get notified as soon as cables with these keywords are released.” is a comprehensive cablegate browser with full-text search and alert feature.”

“New Cablegate browser | Browse all cables from WikiLeaks