Family First, The People Last

By Sarawak Report

Taib Mahmud evidently considers it his personal duty to look after his entire family of brothers, sisters, cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews and all the rest.  By this he equally clearly thinks he should ensure that each and every one of them should become multi-millionaires, even if it is at the expense of the poverty-stricken Sarawakian people, whom he is employed to represent.

No one in Sarawak should be poor these days, because they are fortunate to be part of a small population living in a country rich in resources.  Yet under BN they have come to accept poverty as their lot and to even be grateful to Taib when he comes by at elections and throws them a little rice or promises them a road they will never get.  Clever Taib.  Sarawakians allow themselves to be the poorest people in Malaysia, even though they have the richest state and all because they vote for him!

Stealing money for brother Ibrahim

We can expose yet another scandal where this greedy Chief Minister has taken the land belonging to the people of Sarawak and then sneaked it into the possession of one of his brothers, so that he can then make millions selling it on at the market price.  Once again the people who traditionally owned that valuable area have been deprived of the chance to both live a comfortable life and to keep their rich and beautiful environment.

In this case the Iban community of Pasai Siong, Sungai Retus went to court after their traditional Native Customary Rights Lands were  discovered to have been ‘alienated’ by the State and passed to a palm plantation company called Masretus Sdn Bhd.  As usual the community had not been informed of the decision regarding their traditional lands, so by the time the case was came to trial the judge dismissed it because it had been brought too late after the event!  This is how justice works in Sarawak.

But of course the identity of the real profiteers from this land theft has never come out.  It was concealed by a quick sale and with just a brief announcement before ownership passed on.  Sarawak Report can now reveal that these original profiteers were Ibrahim Mahmud, brother of the Chief Minister and his sons.  They grabbed the huge plantation area by a familiar method which has often been used by the family of the Chief Minister.