dUMNO rebuts Ridiculous Tee

Written by dUMNO

Aiyoyo, kawan, how you know that singKapor is Jewish? You think their Tokong where you say they pray to King-Kong is actually a Synagogue izzit? Then the churches how? Behind the statues of Jesus they hide their Torahs izzit? Izzit izzit izzit izzit izzit? You cock eye wan lah !! They have more than 60% Buddhist population lah. Wa liao-leh !!! You Riddle Tee never go skool wan izzit?

Sorry ah, Uncle Lee, Granpa Lee, boy-boy Lee; our friend here Mabuk oredi ya? He’s overzealous now because he just attended the Kindergarten BTN course for “less clever people”. What singkapor calls Retarded Fools. My fren very very very retarded wan. He somtimes pee in his pants when he sits in your Roller Coaster also. Ya Lor, even before the Roller Coaster moves, he oredi pee pee. He got no self kontrol, no intellect, and definitely no father to teach him good neighbour manners.
What the WikiLeaks say is actually true lor. We know that you alwez looking down on us. We Paiseh to even look at you all leh. Their economy is 3 times better than ours. So, we just try to build taller and taller buildings, because we know that their land cannot build tall-tall. His job at the National Defence University of Malaysia makes him a bit cuckoo lor. Last night he was watching the latest Top Gun, and he decided to whole-night shoot aeroplane. Ya lor. Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot until all the walls dirty oredi.  *sigh*
Aiyoh Riduan !!! How can you say singkaporians are Little Jews? They look Ang Moh meh?  David Copperfield is Ang Moh Hillary Clinton is Ang Moh. Aiyah Hillary Clinton is Jewish. Why you didn’t make noise when she said “Malaysia is Clever”. You have hard-on for her izzit? That’s why you never say it ah? You forgot that Hillary is Jewish izzit? Some more you so proud when she say Malaysia is Koot example !!
And you think the SingKapore people waiting to attack us ah? For what? They only want to come here to buy cheap petrol in JB, and visit our Holiday places mah. Nah, you see ah, if you piss them off, then they dun give us back all our clever clever intellectuals then how? Malaysia fast fast Chiak Sai wan you know !! Coz now, only the dum-dum people like you and me are left here! You think if only Dungoo-fied people like you and me can run this country meh? Too Plus Too oso you say equals seven. Who going to do our accounts? You going to let your Mat Rempit friends do your accounts izzit? haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anyway, of course the SingKaporians are watching us all the time. They waiting for Sale mah !! Malaysia Sale so much better than singKpor Sale !! Coz Ringgit no value mah !! I mean Low Value. So, they watch us, and then ENTER at the right time lor. Sale time is Right Time lor !! Haiya. Laidet oso you dunno wan !! You whole life buy things when it is expensive. You GONG GONG ah !!! No wonder your salary finish by the 1st week.
Nah, I tell you ah, you insulted our Sultan, and all our Ketuanan ah !! How ah? You simply say that Malaysia use STONE TOOLS to fight with singKapore people’s fighter jets and Tanks ah. You faster say sorry !! Faster say sorry to Akong ! and Pemaisulee, and P Ramlee. Wait. Did I say P Ramlee ah? Ya Ya. Coz he’s the ONLY Ketuanan we ever had ! And dun simply use the word Allah-ah. Allah Allah Allah !! Say some morelah, I kick your backside ah !! What other people spend on their Army, let them spend lah. Why? You jealous izzit? You forgot that no matter what we buy, it sure rosak wan ah? Submarine that cannot go down, or Aeroplane that cannot take off, You lah !!! Dunno what kind of stupid aeroplane you buy !! People lelong in Cash Converters only you sapu. As if so terrer laidet. You want plane, I take you go Toy ‘R’ Us buy plane lah. What color you want oso got !! Pink PLane, you want or not? Match your Barbie Dolls mah. Nice werd… Ken oso can play together. Want? Oh sorry sorry, cannot say so loud…. I give you sweet.
Some more you dare to bring up Pedra Branca ah? They PROVED that it was theirs ah !! You think take stone and throw each other can decide izzit? You children meh??? they have Proof wan ah !! If it is our courts easy lah !! We just say that the fella strangled himself lor.
And you ah, simply say that Johore will switch off people’s water. You forgot ah, that if we switch it off, then then oso switch off for us ah !! Johore got no water processing plant wan ah !! singKapore process it for us wan leh !! You tutup air, means Johore drink what? Air longkang izzit? Air jamban ah? singkapore technology is so terrer that they can process and drink Jamban juice ah. Still cleaner than our over priced water !! You try lah!You drink Malaysian Jamban Juice and see how fast you die !!  You ah, really really Ridiculous Tee lah ! Some more you Cheena bugger convert, dunno where your otak went to ah. Got Cheena Brain oso you dunno how to use !! What? Your brain went up your backside izzit? You kena Saifulized ah? He poke his koo-koo up your ass and hit your brain izzit?
Fast Fast shaddup and say sorry !! I dun Care !! Say “Sorry Uncle Lee, Auntie Lee, Grandpa Lee, Grandma Lee, Boy-Boy Lee Gerl-Gerl Lee..” What? Auntie Lee die oredi, why must say sorry ah? Aiyohhhhhhhhhhhhh You really Ridiculous Tee lah !! Nanti she come at night and Chop your koo-koo off ah !!! You not scared ah??

Tomorrow we go and send them Ang Pow, and wish them Happy Deepavali, and Kong Hee Fatt Choy and Happy Raya and Merry Christmas. Neighbour neighbour cannot fight wan. You never learn Semanagat Jiran Menjiran wan izzit?
So, Ok ah? singkapor, we Malaysia say sorry oredi ah, and promise not to kacau your Ketuanan anymore, ok? We will take Ridiculous Tee and give him an office on an Island the same size as Pedra Branca, and teach him a lesson, ya? We will also close down Utusan Melayu, and all of dUMNO will resign to show you we are serious OK? Can?