True-Blue Ketuanan-Melayu

By John Doe
What is this Ketuanan Melayu which we keep hearing about? No one really has an answer. And some suggest that it is really about the Sultan.

I guess they must be correct then. The Melayu Sultan is the TRUE Ketuanan dude. Unfortunately, none of the Malaysian Sultans are Melayu. They are part Thai, Bugis, Orang Asli, Chinese and no one really knows who the Johore one is, (coz of the Bendahara taking over the throne).

So, let’s take a look at the ONLY true Melayu Sultan; the Sultan of Brunei. Since he is the ONLY known Melayu Sultan, all those who claim to be either Melayu Deli or Melayu Riau MUST follow in his good footsteps. Right? Firstly, he not really a 100% Melayu, because he was from the bloodline of the Cheena Guy called Ong Sum Ping. Next, he also had the bloodline of an Arabic guy, called Sharif Ali.

Next, we have some Bendahara who usurped the Brunei throne, thus negating ANY bloodline from the original Sultan Muhammad Shah from 1363. (Unless someone wants to mention about some hanky-panky going on in the Palace. More on that later…)
Anyway, if we can still call the Brunei Sultan a Melayu, then let’s see what he has done for his country, and hope that all those in Malaysia can emulate His Royal Highness’s great acts. The Sultan of Brunei declared that there should be NO TAXES for the Citizens !! Much applauded, and something which Malaysia cannot match in terms of Ketuanan !!dUMNO !! You want Ketuanan? Make Malaysia TAX FREE !!
He brought great wealth to the Melayu in Brunei. Yes, the GDP of Brunei is -400% in 2010, as compared to 2009. 
Ketuanan hardly at work. So maybe Ketuanan is NOT about how much LOSSES the countries make…
Let’s see how Malaysia fared… Out of ten ASEAN countries, Malaysia is only 3 steps behind Brunei !! Not Bad !! 
And Malaysia actually ranked lower than Laos, Thailand, Philippines, and even to East Timor !!!
So maybe Ketuanan is really NOT about making money at all !! And the ONLY country which banned alcohol is ranked the LAST !!! Treasures in Heaven, well, ohhhh OK. I give that to you. But the Sultan of Brunei is also the richest guy in this region !!
So what else can Ketuanan do? Let’s see… in this book written by Jillian Lauren, titled “Some Girls-My Life in a Harem” speaks volumes about  the Sultan of Brunei. Its details can be pretty lurid. Website is found here:
This book is currently the TOP SELLER, even in Singapore. It sells out the very day fresh stocks arrive !! Maybe it will serve as a good guidebook for those who aspire to have paid-sex with some “Ketuanans”..
Speaking of Jefri, the Ketuanan’s Brother, his Ketuanan is about making Life-Size X-Rated, Sex Statues of himself !! In fact, he made FOUR of them !!
Surely THIS must be the Ketuanan which dUMNO talks about !!!
And speaking of Singapore, this just flashed in the news:
The Sultan of Brunei is selling these Flashy Cars !! See what Ketuanan can buy !!
These cars are now in Singapore !! Go view them, and feel what Ketuanan is all about !! And speaking of “feeling”…..
You gotta read the book above about how the Ketuanans “feel” for their Harem Women !! Or should it be “How the feel their women”
Hmmm, I’m getting all confused with this Ketuanan complexities now…
Pix of Jillian Lauren, author of “Some Girls” ex Harem Girl of the Ketuanan Melayu.
Apparently, Jefri and the Sultan share their women. Just like how the Mat Rempits share theirs too, I guess:
However, the Ketuanan Sultan is paying US$20,000 each for their girls, I guess RM20 will hafta do for Malaysian Ketuanans…. sigh.
Why is it Malaysia alwez ends up with the Low-Class EVERYTHING ?!?!?!
Jibby wasn’t happy with his “toy”, and decided to go for Mongolian BBQ instead. (maybe after seeing Jillian’s Pix… who knows??)
Ketuanan Ketuanan Ketuanan !!!
The simple question of “Who are the Melayu” always seems to arise, whenever anything “Ketuanan” is discussed. 
So, fading Wealth, fading Economy, fading Women and fading Cars… This is surely NOT  the Ketuanan which dUMNO sings about !!
On the other hand, with their single-digit IQ’s, who knows????